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Guest Welcome Packs, Digital Guestbooks & Components Of Guest Experience Ideas

In this article, we are going to explain the intricacies of guest welcome packs, digital guestbooks and components of guest experience ideas so you can really wow your guests and keep them coming back for more.

As a glamping business entrepreneur, you know that hospitality is key when it comes to running your unique holiday rental business. From the moment a potential customer or client enters your space, they should feel welcomed and comfortable.

One way to make sure your guests feel welcome is to provide them with a guest welcome pack or guestbook before they arrive or shortly afterwards. This packet of information can include everything from a map of your business to local restaurant recommendations.

Here's what you need to know about creating and providing a guest welcome pack for your guests and if you're looking for inspiration, be sure to check out our list of ideas for what to include in your guest welcome pack below. Ready to get started?

In this article we are going to...

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The Perfectly Planned And Profitable Retreats System®

Filling your retreat events and growing your business is possible, even without a large email list or social media following but it's surprising how many times people say they struggle while often having to rearrange dates or cancel at the last minute.

There is a lot involved in organising events. From finding the right location to marketing your services a retreat business can be complicated to set up. If you are thinking of running a retreat then the Perfectly Planned And Profitable Retreats System® has been put together to help you understand the basic essentials to launch and grow a successful retreat business in whatever shape fits your life.

If you need more help and support to get your retreat business started quickly and profitably with sold-out events then get in touch as we can help you jump ahead of the competition in half the time.


A few things to consider are:

1. What is a retreat and what are the benefits of organising and attending one

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Camping Sites For Sale - What To Check Before You Buy

Owning your own campsite can be a dream come true for entrepreneurs who love the outdoors. In fact, looking for camping sites for sale near you and transforming them into glamping sites is the new big trend as it allows you to take a tired camping site and turn it into a revenue-generating machine. However, before you buy a camping site, there are some things you need to check out. In this article, I discuss what you need to look for when buying campgrounds for sale by owner, how to make sure it's the perfect fit for your lifestyle business dreams and how to make it more profitable. So, if you're thinking about buying a camping site, and especially if you are interested in transforming an existing campsite into a glamping site, then keep reading!

Are you looking for camping sites for sale?

Some of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a camping site can often go unexplored and unnoticed and this can lead to a failed purchase or a new business that stalls because...

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Starting A Glamping Business - 5 Myths You Must Know!

Starting a glamping business or unique holiday rental comes with its own start-up formula and there are a key number of phases that every business owner will go through when planning and implementing their ideas and I include them here for those at the beginning of their startup journey.

I have supported thousands of owners in the decade-plus years I have been working in this industry but what I have started to notice is how a few of those outside the industry are trying to confuse new owners with myths and fake information to muddy the water. This is leading to mistakes being made and valuable time and resources being lost, so I thought I would highlight the 5 most damaging myths currently being circulated.

Myth #1 - You Need Your Own Land (No, You Don't!)

Acquiring the land needed to set up a glamping business can feel like an obstacle for many people. It may be difficult to find or afford suitable land or find the right style of property when looking for a house...

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How To Start A Glamping Business

Wondering how to start a glamping business and the income you might be able to achieve in hospitality? The key, as with any new industry or lifestyle business choice is research. Understanding what this means for your future prospects can help answer those questions about profitability or potential success in an increasingly competitive world marketplace!

How To Start A Glamping Business Or Eco-Retreat 

Here, we have given you everything you need to kick off your lifestyle business dreams, including access to a definitive glamping business course that will take you through all the steps for starting this style of eco-accommodation from scratch. This will help to guide you through the development of your campground business plan and making navigating this new journey easier. 

Is Glamping A Good Business?

We are huge advocates of glamping and believe we’re not alone in this with the growth of the emerging market being drawn into the tourism and camping...

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OTA Ghosting in the Glamping and Hospitality Industry

In the Start Up And Grow Club, an accelerator program for glamping businesses and unique holiday rental hosts, we have been talking about negative practices being used by OTAs to the detriment of small business owners. One such practice is ‘ghosting’.

This is such an unscrupulous activity it definitely supports the case for generating more direct bookings between the hosts and guests and relying less on OTAs (online travel agents).

Listen to podcast episode #44 on your favourite platform here.

Ghosting is becoming increasingly common within the hospitality industry but it’s likely you haven’t heard of it before as OTAs are doing a great job of covering their tracks with this underhand technique, which they are using to boost their profits.  

With many OTAs changing their terms and conditions to allow them to carry this out legally, it is incredibly important that hospitality owners are aware of the negative impact that ghosting can...

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Is Glamping A Good Business Model And Is It Profitable?

There's no doubt that starting a glamping business can be challenging but also incredibly rewarding. It’s a lifestyle business perfect for outdoor-loving entrepreneurs, but is it profitable and can it give you back control of your future?

Is Glamping A Good Investment And How Much Does It Cost To Start A Glamping Business?

I often get asked if glamping is a fad or a good business idea. Having worked in the industry since 2010 and watched it recover strongly after a worldwide financial meltdown and then buck the trend of worldwide decline during a pandemic, I am confident when I say it is no longer a fad but is definitely a strengthening trend and lifestyle business model.

As the options are so diverse for setting up this style of business (essentially the only limit is your imagination) there is no industry standard for what you will need to invest.

Clearly setting up a glamping business is unique to the location and the owner's ideas and aspirations for what they want to...

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Powerful Publicity Masterclass®

It is now possible for owners of holiday rentals to work with the media to raise their profiles and boost their reputations which will translate into better product exposure, increase bookings and sell out retreats.

Even if you feel like a media novice, uncomfortable in the spotlight or are terrified of rejection, the ‘Powerful Publicity Masterclass’ will give you the building blocks to lead and manage your media exposure by following some fundamental steps.  

Why this Masterclass?

Media is a complicated beast but there are ways you can tame it and make it work for you. Rest assured that with a little insider knowledge anyone can pick it up and it takes much less time than you think!

The techniques used in the world of the media are not widely discussed but with a sneak peak behind the scenes you will be able to to stand out from the crowd whilst leaving your friends, family and competitors wondering how you managed to land that media coverage, get...

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Have you ever met an intelligent person who wasn’t afraid of imperfection?

It’s likely we’ve developed the need to be perfect from someone important in our lives, like a teacher, parent, or someone we’ve looked up to.

I have vivid memories of watching my dad struggle to be perfect, while also struggling to overcome the debilitating effects of an acute auto-immune disease and redundancy.

While I have no doubt his example helped me through my own major stroke and subsequent redundancy in 2009, I also think it led to an innate desire to seek perfection in everything I do.

When I started my business, I struggled with this, and looking back I realised it stopped me from growing quickly and made it sooooooo much harder.


Because I felt that it wasn’t good enough.

It wasn’t ‘perfect'.

And looking back, I could have easily made an additional six figures just from the time I failed to take action, to seek the advice and tools I needed, and get the staff to free me up to focus on my long-term goals.

So instead of engaging with...

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What Is A Glamping Business Plan And Checklist

Glamping or glamour camping combines the nature-loving properties of camping and the luxury of a vacation stay. People all over the world, from all walks of life, crave the serenity and comfort that glamping brings. A glamping business provides an excellent opportunity to make an income from an eco-friendly venture. You need a piece of land that can function as a campsite, a business plan to start and creativity to make the whole thing work. 

If you’re planning to create a business out of this wonderful experience, you need to have a glamping business start-up guide.

What is a Glamping Business Plan

The glamping business plan template is a step-by-step guide to formulating your own glamping business. 

Here are the planning phases:

1. Checking the Glamping Area and Its Market

First and foremost, you need to assess the glamping area and the vicinity. Space and size are important but naturally, this will be relative to the magnitude of what you would like...

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