Perfectly Planned and Profitable Retreats®

Fill your events and grow your business, even without a large email list or social media following

This masterclass with Sarah Riley and guest experts will give you everything you need to confidently set up and publicise successful retreats and help you generate loyal fans, launch a new business, jump ahead of the competition and grow your business

Perfectly planned and profitable retreats® with Sarah Riley

I Believe Retreats Are Going To Sky-Rocket In 2022 And This Is Why…


This is the perfect time to start planning these events because if it’s one thing we’ve missed over the past year, it’s time with each other to enjoy amazing experiences, learn new and inspirational things and have a bit of self-care time.

Added to that, many have been working from home and not having their usual interactions with people in the office, leaving them feeling as though they are missing something vital.

Also, the buying power of millennials is increasing and as Eventbrite has shown us in their research, this generation prefers purchasing experiences rather than paying for ordinary items.

That’s why I believe retreats are going to sky-rocket in 2022 and beyond and this is the perfect opportunity to start planning and building your systems ready for when the industry really starts to kick off again. 


Go From Unconfident Retreat Host Who Is Unsure If They Will Break Even, To Booked Out And Profitable Events


Retreats can deliver so many benefits and being the organiser, you will be part of profound transformations your attendees will have.

Not only is it a stand-alone lifestyle business that can give you joy by helping others relax, unwind and recharge, it is also a method of boosting your accommodation business to bring additional guest bookings and income.

More specifically, running retreats can help you:

  • Launch a business from scratch and generate a new lifestyle and income to match
  • Get word-of-mouth endorsements through your retreat events that can lead to more guests booking for your accommodation business in the future
  • Share your passion for yoga, wellness, crafting, journaling, dog training or whatever the theme of your retreat is
  • Boost brand visibility, reputation and help you share the message you are deeply passionate about
  • Build your credibility quickly, especially if you are just starting out
  • Make connections, gain trust and grow a loyal following
  • Stand out in the industry you are in and make an impact
  • Help you identify your hidden talents and secret sauce
  • Attract unexpected opportunities

If you own a hospitality business you can use retreats to boost your direct guest bookings.

And if you are not a host you can still run retreats that work in partnership with them.

From the buzz you will get from running a successful and profitable retreat to the positive comments you will receive from those enjoying it, you will definitely find it exhilarating!


The key to getting prepared is knowing how you can organise a profitable retreat that increases your ongoing business income and brings in rave reviews and referrals, time and time again.


That’s what this masterclass will show you.


Take The Stress Out Of Your Retreat...


If you have considered running a retreat to kick-start your business or want to turn this into a career but never manage to get things started, it's likely you are suffering from imposter syndrome and a lack of confidence that stops you from moving forwards with your plans.

Or maybe you are concerned no one will turn up and you’ll end up losing money (instead of making it).

Or possibly you are feeling you don’t have all the pieces in place… or that you don’t even know what those pieces are.

This just leaves you feeling overwhelmed even before you start, let alone when you have to actually run the retreat.

Feeling like a fraud and unable to sell what you have to offer (no matter how good it is) isn’t something you need to struggle with. You just need to know the techniques that make it simple and the steps you can put in place to give you the confidence you need to believe that you really can do this. 

Planning a retreat and designing an irresistible offer, which is emotionally engaging so it sells with ease, is something many people find difficult. Instead of meeting and exceeding the projected income, they fail to get the attention they want and it all feels like hard work.

That’s what this exciting Masterclass will help you with.

Never before have this number of experts shared their knowledge like this and collectively they have decades of experience in building businesses and running retreats in the education and wellness industries.

They will help you take the stress out of organising events with the key elements needed to achieve perfectly planned and profitable retreats.

Who Is This For?


If you’ve run retreats before - or even if you haven’t - or if you want to run retreats on behalf of others, like a hotel or hospitality business for example, then this masterclass is for you.

Even if you are already a business owner, like a holiday accommodation host or glamping business owner, you can still learn how to use retreats to boost off-peak and mid-week bookings and the annual cash flow of your business.

Or maybe you are looking at launching a new lifestyle business by making your wellness, yoga, forest school or woodcraft skills available to more people in a retreat environment.

Or perhaps you've run retreats before and you're not happy with the bookings you received or the income you generated so far and you want to learn how to fix that.



Turn your retreats into a customer magnet with inner circle secrets you won't find anywhere else.


This Masterclass Will Guide You Through...


The Perfectly Planned And Profitable Retreats System® By Sarah Riley

This is a live and intimate masterclass that will be recorded for you to watch at any time after the event.


✅ How to reap the rewards of the different types of retreats available to you (I’ve counted 63 so far!)

✅ The formula for a magnetic structure and style

✅ Glamping retreat details

✅ Beach house retreat details


✅ Automated budget and cash flow for a profitable event


✅ How to craft an irresistible offer and the different element you must include

✅ Examples of retreat messaging that sells and why it works

✅ Where the REAL PROFIT lies… and *surprise* it’s not in the actual retreat!!


✅ Automated cash flow spreadsheet example

✅ 40 ways to promote your event on a budget

✅ Keeping your retreat legal with Amy Saunders from Support Legal

✅ Automated retreat task organiser and checklist. From the general task list to promotional tasks and social media. Keep track of them all with this handy retreat launch countdown calendar

Your Masterclass Host

Sarah Riley With Guest Experts…


Never before have these guest experts shared their knowledge of running retreats. Collectively they have had decades of experience of building businesses and running retreats in the entrepreneurial, knowledge and wellness industries.

Your Host Sarah Riley

Sarah Riley is a unique holiday rental expert and has been immersed in the world of entrepreneurship for over 20 years by helping thousands of students design their dream eco-accommodation business and the lifestyle they want. Think treehouses, bubble tents, domes, yurts and tipis and you’ll get the idea.

But she's not only been teaching it she's been doing it too, by jointly managing a 5-star boutique hospitality business as well as her own consultancy.

As a certified Performance Coach and CEO of Inspired Courses, she uses her experience to help others move to the next level in business and life. Her coaching programs help launch ideas quickly, start earning immediately and get ahead of the competition, without sacrificing life goals or the environment.

She has been featured by The Daily Mail, Eventbrite and Metro, and is the host of her own podcast The Business of Glamping And Unique Holiday Rentals. She also leads one of the largest business communities in the industry and is invited to travel around the world to talk on these topics. 

She has also managed the publication of various coffee table books, has worked with multiple influencers and helps publicise and run international events. Now she wants to share what she knows so you can benefit too.

What Others Are Saying About Sarah...

Ally E.

“Worth every penny for the insight and guidance. Sarah really knows her stuff and communicates in an engaging and clear way. My head was buzzing with ideas afterwards!”

Guest Expert Kerry Roy

Kerry is a retreat, wellness and festival organiser and the visionary behind Camp Katur in Yorkshire and Cerchio Del Desiderio in Italy. Both business models use a variety of glamping structures on her own property and by working in partnership with landowners.

Kerry’s award-winning site at The Camphill Estate offers weddings, wellness, corporate and team building events. She was also the first to introduce Geodome Glamping into Italy as a solo female entrepreneur with zero language skills!

As a trained Yogi organising various Wellness retreats at Cerchio Del Desiderio Glamping Retreat she draws on her experiences of organising an annual VW camper-van festival for 5000 guests.

Now with several TV appearances under her belt and as an influential speaker Kerry enjoys promoting and supporting the glamping industry whenever she can.

What Others Are Saying About Kerry...

Danny S.

"So many good points, advice and trade secrets, which are, for us, the most useful and hard to come by. Not many are willing to share, so thank you so much. I could listen to your wealth of knowledge for another few hours..."

Guest Expert Tanya Lynch

Tanya is a creative ball of energy who loves nothing more than helping businesses succeed through her company, Lynchpin, which helps brands with their media strategies and new development projects. Not content to sit on the sidelines, she has also published her own lifestyle magazine and is the founder of Ease Retreats.

She has worn many hats and overcome many challenges as an editor, advertising rep, copywriter, events manager and all-round grafter. She has worked alongside National PR agencies, editors and journalists across all media outlets including TV, radio, print, digital and outdoor. She also knows exactly what sells and what commercial radio needs as she spent over a decade leading regional marketing, sponsorship and promotions teams.

Having worked in the hospitality industry for years, she has experienced all the highs and lows of launching successful retreats and is refining the experience side of her events while waiting patiently for new dates to be set over the coming months.

What Others Are Saying About Tanya...

Lesley and Laura

“My experience of an Ease retreat was one of pure joy. It was such a treat to be taken such good care of physically, emotionally and mentally. The beach house was beautiful in lovely surroundings and we were fed so well. A lovely safe space to rejuvenate.”  “Ease puts the treat into retreat.”




This Masterclass includes 3-steps from the Perfectly Planned And Profitable Retreats System® by Sarah Riley

  • STEP 1 - Power Positioning: Get this element right to make sure its unforgettable, acts like a magnet and sells itself time and time again to repeat customers who want to keep coming back for more of your retreat events
  • STEP 2 - Power Planning: Get the business model right and the tools you need to make sure you get paid what you deserve and your retreat makes a profit every time
  • STEP 3 - Inner Circle Secrets: The 3 techniques that will give you the power to sell out your retreats time and time again, even if you haven't run one before
  • BONUS 1: Retreat cashflow spreadsheet example
  • BONUS 2: Advice on how to protect yourself legally from unexpected retreat mishaps
  • BONUS 3: An ebook on ways to promote your event on a budget
  • BONUS 4: The Retreat Launch Countdown Calendar, which includes a fool-proof system to easily set out your promotional tasks and social media schedules with copy and paste scripts to help you sell out your events with ease. 


  The Retreat launch countdown calendar includes an automated fool-proof system to easily set out your tasks, promotions and social media schedules with copy and paste scripts to help you sell out your retreat with ease. This bonus alone is worth the price of this Masterclass.

Becca said,

"So inspiring - many lightbulb moments but fantastic resources to make them actionable!"

Jane said,

"The Retreats masterclass has got me thinking about possibilities for future retreats and how to make the most of my location."

Candidah said,

"Lots to take in! I loved your advice to Nadine about narrowing down your options by knowing who you want to hang out with."

Lottie said,

"Thank you, everyone, I've found it very interesting, lots to think about and I can't wait to start. Sarah its been very helpful as ever and I will join the next course."

Danny said,

"Thank you so much. Eye-opening and inspiring. So much option. I appreciate the need to focus."

Rosanna said,

"Given me a great structure for marketing and reaching my ideal audience."

Kathryn said,

"Thank You Sarah, Kerry and Tanya - you're all So inspirational.  My lightbulb nugget was to contact relevant influencers to promote my retreat.  I'll be back for more learning!"

Kyle said,

"Big thanks to you all!! very inspiring stuff. Loads to take home!"

Nadine said,

"Inspirational as always - cogs are turning at 100 miles an hour!"

Kylie was also looking for big wins, and she got one...

"Love the way you have made everything so easy to understand !!! Why didn't I find this a year ago!"



We may not be able to hold retreats right now but we will be able to soon and the one thing we’ve all missed is interaction with others and that precious me time. So now is the perfect opportunity to build your systems ready for when the industry starts to open up fully.


As you have immediate access to the content and materials of this Masterclass we will only grant refunds if you can prove you have implemented the techniques provided and yet have failed to achieve results. Refunds will not be granted to those who do not put in the work needed to get the results.



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