How To Start A Retreat Business With The Perfectly Planned And Profitable Retreats System®

Have you ever wondered how to start a retreat business or thought about running unique events as part of a new lifestyle business? Or maybe you've attended a retreat and felt you could do a better job running it. What about starting a yoga retreat business... or craft, health, wellness, corporate retreats, using skills or a passion you already have like pet training, food fermentation or health? Or maybe you already run a glamping business and are thinking of using retreats as a way of increasing your occupancy. Interesting, definitely, but before you start advertising your retreat events you need to start writing a retreat plan, even if it's on the back of a napkin, so where exactly do you start?

How To Start A Retreat Business

What is more exciting than having a passion and watching it evolve into a viable business while following a lifestyle that draws like-minded people together in an inspirational way?

Therein lies the value of running a retreats business and this inspiring Masterclass helps kickstart you into action. The Perfectly Planned and Profitable Retreats System® gives you everything you need to learn when starting a retreat business in the UK, USA or anywhere in the world.

Planning a retreat and designing an irresistible offer, which is emotionally engaging so it sells with ease, is something many people struggle with. Instead of meeting and exceeding the projected income for their retreat plan and ideas, they fail to get the attention they want and it all feels like hard work rather than the fun business it should be.

That’s why this exciting retreat training has been designed for anyone wanting to organise events in the future and want the exact steps and easy-to-follow checklists to make it as easy as possible to start a retreat business that's profitable.

Why We Believe Retreats Are About To Skyrocket...

This is the perfect time to start planning these experiential events because over the past few years of negative news, we’ve missed since the pandemic, it’s time with each other to enjoy amazing experiences, learn new and inspirational things and have a bit of self-care time.

Added to that, many have been working from home and not having their usual interactions with people in the office, leaving them feeling as though they are missing something vital.

Also, the buying power of millennials is increasing and as Eventbrite has shown us in their research, this generation prefers purchasing experiences rather than paying for ordinary items. This realisation alone is leading the entire hospitality industry to shift its focus towards offering unique experiences.

You can run retreats as:

  • A stand-alone business that you are wanting to grow and expand
  • Something to plug the gaps in your earnings if you run a seasonal business
  • An additional element to your hospitality business to improve your occupancy at quieter times
  • A way to generate income to launch a hospitality business in the future
  • An additional income stream running retreats to enhance something you already do, such as coaching, training or teaching (yoga, wellness, crafting, corporate and business skills, etc.)

The Essential Retreat Business Plan

Whether it’s yoga, wellness, health, crafting, journaling, dog training or whatever your theme is, Sarah shares techniques and experience for you to launch your business without negating the all-important business facets of promoting, budgeting, tracking cash flow, legal pitfalls, task organising and task tracking. All these are provided in automated spreadsheets and PDFs, which can be applied to each retreat event you are planning.

You just need to know the methods that make it simple and the steps you can put in place to give you the confidence you need to believe that you really can do this while having fun and enjoying the rewards.

So if you are asking yourself how to start a... health, yoga, wellness, journaling, craft, pet training, or [add your idea here] retreat business then this is the perfect system for you. But more importantly, if you want to know how you can make money by running retreats then this is even more essential as, surprisingly, the most income to be made is not during the event itself.

Are Retreats Profitable And How To Make Money Doing Retreats?

Running a retreat business can be very lucrative if you get your business plan right. The Perfectly Planned And Profitable Retreats System® shares a retreat cashflow Excel and PDF example and template for this very reason. There's no point in running an event if it will be at a loss unless you have a strategic reason for doing so.

However, if you get the retreat plan and your finances right and know exactly where you will spend and receive during the event you can craft it perfectly to make sure you will generate the income you need to make it worthwhile. The training demonstrates exactly how to get this right so you are always going to have a rewarding experience, both emotionally and financially. 

Also, if you are already a business owner, holiday accommodation or a glamping business host, you can still learn how to use retreats to boost off-peak and mid-week bookings and the annual cash flow of your business.

So why not prepare yourself fully?

Don't Just Have A Retreat Plan - Have A Perfectly Planned And Profitable Retreats System®!

Retreats are going to skyrocket and this is the perfect opportunity to start planning and building your systems ready for when the industry starts to boom!

Retreats can deliver so many benefits and being the organiser, you can be a part of the profound transformations your attendees will have.

Not only is it a stand-alone lifestyle business that can give you joy by helping others relax, unwind and recharge, it is also a method of boosting your accommodation business to bring additional guest bookings and income. Sounds like a win-win retreat business idea to us! 

Perfectly Planned And Profitable Retreats System® Masterclass

If you’re not happy with the performance of your retreats or with the income you have generated so far this masterclass will show you how to fix that with a 3-step plan guiding you through three value-packed modules; Power Positioning, Power Planning and Inner Circle secrets. 

Sarah has not neglected the business and legal side with bonus modules on an automated Cashflow spreadsheet template, advice on how to protect yourself legally from retreat mishaps, an ebook covering 40 ideas for event promotion and a Retreat Launch Countdown Calendar with a detailed list of tasks you need to consider in the lead up to your first retreat taking place. 

With 20 years of experience in designing eco-accommodation businesses and lifestyle training,  Sarah Riley and the team are perfectly placed to guide you through common pitfalls to realise your dream lifestyle retreat business. 

Who Is This Retreat Business Training Masterclass For?

If you’ve run retreats before… or even if you haven’t… or if you want to run retreats on behalf of others (like a hotel or hospitality business) then this is for you. Holiday rental hosts and glamping business owners can also benefit from it by learning how to use retreats to boost off-peak and mid-week bookings and generate additional income at key points throughout the year. Or maybe you are looking to launch a new lifestyle business in wellness shows you how.

The Ultimate Retreat Planning Checklist 

Within the Masterclass, Sarah shares her ultimate retreat planning checklist. This not only shares all the tasks she uses herself to set up retreats but it also gives an automated calendar checklist system for both the organisational and promotional tasks. This means planning a retreat checklist priorities are given in an easy-to-understand and logical order to take the pressure off the organiser. From sorting out the theme and getting the messaging right to negotiating the venue costs with the provider and making sure you have the right even insurance. 

This Retreat business launch countdown calendar includes an automated fool-proof system to easily set out your tasks, promotions and social media schedules with copy-and-paste scripts to help you sell out your retreat with ease. 

This means nothing is forgotten as you are prompted to think about elements you might not have considered and will know exactly when you need to undertake a task or promote your event on social media. This retreat planning template helps to make your organisational and promotional tasks an absolute breeze.

This is what Becca said about the resources shared in the Masterclass:

"So inspiring - many lightbulb moments but fantastic resources to make them actionable!"

If you are wondering how to start a retreat business then this Masterclass will take you through all the steps and give you all the resources you need to confidently set up and publicise successful retreats and help you generate loyal fans, launch a new business, jump ahead of the competition and grow.

What other Masterclass attendees have shared:

Ally E….Sarah really knows her stuff and communicates in an engaging and clear way. My head was buzzing with ideas afterwards!”

Becca said, "So inspiring - many lightbulb moments but fantastic resources to make them actionable!"

Jane said, "The Retreats masterclass has got me thinking about possibilities for future retreats and how to make the most of my location."

Danny said, "Thank you so much. Eye-opening and inspiring. So many options. I appreciate the need to focus."

Rosanna said, "Given me a great structure for marketing and reaching my ideal audience."

Kathryn said, "Thank You Sarah, Kerry and Tanya - you're all So inspirational.  My lightbulb nugget was to contact relevant influencers to promote my retreat.  I'll be back for more learning!"

Kylie was also looking for big wins, and she got one... "Love the way you have made everything so easy to understand !!! Why didn't I find this a year ago!"

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Sarah shared more information about how to start a retreats business on her podcast, which you can access on your chosen platform or click on episode 46 below.



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