An accelerator program helping you start up and grow your glamping business or unique holiday rental from the ground up.

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Daily glamping business support designed with YOU at the heart of it

In the many years I’ve been working with those who want to launch into this industry, the biggest hurdles are a lack of confidence, knowledge, accountability from a private community and inspiration. This is why businesses fail to launch and become profitable quickly. I want to fix that with:

Weekly Live Calls

Exclusive Training

Private Community

After many requests, I have built a QUALITY COMMUNITY away from social media where people can get IN-DEPTH answers to their burning questions as soon as they come up.

This supportive group of people would together become a hive mind and an inner circle. 

The journey of a business owner is hard… especially in hospitality.

Doubt. Loneliness. Overthinking. Knowledge gaps. No peer group for support. No direct access to experts. Relentless distractions. Confusion about tools. And the fear of rejection.

Success can never be guaranteed but the probability of success can definitely be improved when joining forces with others who share a common goal.

It can make the whole journey a lot more enjoyable too!

That's why the Start Up And Grow Club is essential for anyone building or having launched a new glamping business.

"Thank you!!! We listed last week and are already up to 15 bookings!!!! I’m not sure I could have done this without your support and the support of the group. The first guests come this week 😱😱😱"

Tessa M.

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Because everyone deserves to make a living doing something they love

This Club is for those who have only just started thinking about unique hospitality as a possible business and others who have already started and are ready to GROW BIG... personally and professionally.

It is also for those who have been going for some time and need a weekly boost of support, motivation and inspiration.

This secret space with a private community is not on social media and it is not open to everyone.

It is a high-vibe place where we can talk openly about the successes and challenges we face every day and where answers to questions can be found. 

With this tribe I will bring you behind-closed-doors interviews, not published elsewhere else content, weekly face-to-face time with me and the experts, helping make your business AMAZING!


Designed to give you:

  • Regular face-to-face time with me in recorded weekly Q&As (attend when you want)

  • Support and accountability from a community of people in a private space (not on social media)

  • Unshared-anywhere-else-training and knowledge

  • Time with special guests and experts from every corner of the globe

"So many good points, advice and trade secrets, which are for us are the most useful and hard to come by. Not many are willing to share, so thank you so much. I could listen to your wealth of knowledge for another few hours... "

Danny S.

An opportunity to build your support system

We rise by lifting others but at times we need lifting too!

The four key elements of this Club are:

  1. Having an hour of face-to-face Q&A time with me and other experts each week at 6.30 pm GMT
  2. Access to a super private community not on social media
  3. A members area where extra training will be shared based on what you want
  4. Time with special guests and experts in the industry


This will allow you to ask questions like:

How can I negotiate a lower % with a booking platform and what deal is everyone else getting?


A place to do a bit of sanity checking or find accountability to get the work done. 

I keep getting stuck on my business plan and finances, and it’s holding me back!


To find solutions to problems and burning questions you don’t want to share in an open forum.

Can I be sure I’ll be able to replace my current salary if I start a unique hospitality business?

My bookings aren't looking as good as I'd hoped. What can I do about that?


Or maybe you’ve had an unfair complaint from a tricky guest and you want to know how to handle it or just talk about it privately in a safe space with others who will understand.

And yes, as a tribe we can do so much to tip the balance of an unfair review… if we stand together.

Or possibly you are predicting a bumpy financial future unless you get your bookings up.

Or maybe you need inspirational time with the experts I know, who can show you how to:

  • Raise money for your project without going to the bank
  • How to get investment-ready with advice from industry professionals
  • Unique ways to source land and buildings 
  • What you need to get guests booking with you instead of online travel agents to avoid commission fees
  • Styling your space to give an unforgettable guest experience 
  • How to work effectively off-grid 
  • All the steps of how to run a successful retreat from an event planner
  • Running joint ventures with others to grow your social media and get more bookings
  • New trends and business models as they emerge
  • Face-to-face guidance with a professional photographer to help you improve your social media images
  • Taking care of your health and stress levels so you don't burn out

And so much more to keep you inspired to start and motivated to grow!

"Glad to be part of the group, they were all very supportive last night, it’s a lovely group of people.  Well done for getting us all together and for the opportunity to grow there!"


What you get as soon as you join the Club:

  • Access to a members-only private community - PRICELESS

  • Direct email access and support to help you accelerate quickly - VALUE: £500 p/m

  • Weekly Q&A sessions each Wednesday at 6.30 pm GMT - VALUE: £500 p/m

  • 50+ training videos, ebooks and workshops from styling a space, booking magnets, business accountancy and customer conversion tactics you can enjoy as soon as you gain access - VALUE: £500

  • TOTAL VALUE: £1,500+ p/m

"I came off the call and was proper buzzing about the ideas that we talked about and the help and guidance you gave me. That's a real gift to coach people through their thought process and to encourage them like you do."

Martina M.

Members Story: Meadow Field Glamping

"I have been a member of the Start Up and Grow Club since it was first created by Sarah in late 2020. It's a private community, away from larger platforms such as Facebook, of people, worldwide, who are either just beginning their glamping journey or several years into it.

Starting up a glamping business can be a real roller coaster, but Sarah's trusted font of knowledge of the unique hospitality industry and continued 1-2-1 support via the live weekly Q & A sessions has been a constant reassurance and second to none.

If you are thinking about creating your own glamping offering, then I would highly recommend being a part of Sarah's community. You will learn so much and receive amazing support, not just from Sarah but from other community members too, and it will help you no end, with your onward journey. The industry is constantly changing and Sarah is a great asset to have on your team!" Jules

Members Story: Campden Yurts

"I have been a part of Sarah's weekly Start Up and Grow group since it started.  The weekly calls bring together those who are just starting/exploring their glamping site dreams along with those who are part way through their journey and those of us who have been in the industry for a while.  

The group is a safe space where we can share our ideas and problem-solve together. Sarah keeps us updated about industry-related trends, teaches us the latest marketing strategies, as well as giving useful tutorials on Facebook ads, google analytics and more.  

It can sometimes feel lonely running a business but the group helps me to stay motivated. It's amazing to be a part of such a supportive and encouraging community. I highly recommend Sarah's coaching to anyone who is either just starting out or already has an established business in the glamping industry." Jane

Members Story: Erwain Escapes

"I am thrilled to be a part of this amazing, supportive, and knowledgeable community. Sarah's industry experience is truly unparalleled, and it's great to have so many like-minded individuals coming together over time, sharing ideas and experiences and being supportive of each other in our individual journeys. I've personally made some really great friends since joining, who have been there for me during some tough times and offered continuous encouragement. It's truly heart-warming to be a part of such a welcoming and friendly group." Angela

But this isn't for everyone...

This is ONLY for those who want to START UP AND GROW a successful unique hospitality or glamping business. And those who are ready to be actively engaged in the process and want to be part of building something REALLY SPECIAL that could change their business and their life. If this is you, I can't wait to show you what's waiting for you inside...

Take a look inside...


"I took part in your ‘recession proofing’ course during the lockdown and really enjoyed it. I found it really interesting that when I put your tips in to practice, I beat (OTA) Canopy and Stars to it, and (direct) guest bookings through my own website have been 50% higher than the whole of last year in just the three months I have been open this year."


Thrive And Be Part Of A Tribe

Join the Club today and find the support you need to speed up your set-up process, increase guest bookings and become part of an inspirational network in the exciting world of unique hospitality.



£25 per month

(£25 billed monthly)

~cancel any time~

*Regular face-to-face time with me

*Support and accountability from the community 

*Time with special guests and industry experts

*Unique training and knowledge


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£20 per month

(£240 billed annually)

~cancel any time~

*Regular face-to-face time with me

*Support and accountability from the community 

*Time with special guests and industry experts

*Unique training and knowledge


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About Sarah Riley

Sarah is a consultant, speaker, trainer and podcast host, helping unique holiday rental owners and retreat businesses launch and grow quickly.

She has a decade of experience living in and running a boutique hospitality business and has been involved in the glamping and unique holiday rental industry since 2010. Now she loves supporting business owners on a regular basis and running retreats in beautiful places around the world.

During this time she has seen the industry evolve and understands what it takes to build a successful eco-accommodation business. That is why she has opened this Club so you'll always feel supported and inspired while building the business you love.

"I got in touch with Sarah to help sense check my idea for a luxury camping business with a focus on branding and marketing. I found Sarah to be a wealth of knowledge and I suspect that the short time we spent together has saved me some costly and time consuming mistakes down the line. All of my questions were answered including the ones I didn't know I should be asking. "

Ben K.

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