How To Start A Glamping Business Or Eco-Accommodation: Independent Advice

Do you want to know how to start a glamping business and earn an income in hospitality? Well, the best starting point is to have a clear understanding of the industry and its lifestyle. If this inspires the right amount of enthusiasm in you then research, research, and research to gather as much information as you can!

Get Your New Business Off To The Right Start! 

Here, we have given you everything you need to kick-off, including access to a definitive glamping business course that will take you through all the steps for starting this style of eco-accommodation from scratch, guiding you through the development of your campground business plan and making navigating this new journey easier. 

 We are huge advocates of glamping and believe we’re not alone in this with the growth of the emerging market being drawn into the tourism and camping sector.

There is a new appeal for those individuals who love the concept of camping but dread the idea of roughing it. So all the evidence points to a continuous boost in this industry throughout 2021 and beyond

If this has captured your attention and you are interested in joining the unique holiday rental and staycation team in the hospitality sector, then you’re in the right place!

Is The Glamping Industry Growing?

To help you understand how to create a glamping site, we have included all you need to know about this rising trend. Furthermore, we’ve included the reasons why it’s been so well-received to date.

So, if after absorbing all the amazing information below, you want to find out more about how to set up and successfully promote a glamping business, unique vacation rental or eco-accommodation retreat, check out the Inspired Courses Glamping Business Start-Up Guide or click the link in the main menu for start-up advice.

Sarah Riley is the face behind this extensive independent guide, which is as fun to complete as it is informative.

Sarah has an enormous amount of experience and expertise in the unique, glamping, vacation rental, and experiential holiday sector.

In what has become the most exciting new venture for lovers of the great outdoors who dream of freeing themselves from the rat race, she is your go-to consultant; carefully assisting and advising you on your glamping business plan and service startup.

How To Start A Glamping Business

Start-up phases:

  1. Know the glamping business models and options available to you
  2. Understand the advantages and costs of each
  3. Focus on land feasibility considerations before setting up a site
  4. Seek advice for obtaining permissions in your country
  5. Do your sums to understand the income you can expect to generate – especially cash flow projections
  6. Complete a business plan template and use real examples and a checklist to help
  7. Know the maintenance considerations you need to make
  8. Focus on what makes what you offer so unique and promote, promote, promote!

Detailed Steps:

  1. Identify the glamping business models and options accessible to you
    It’s all about finding the right business model and accommodation at the research level. As a business person, this is also about knowing your lifestyle and what your customers are likely to love. The main factor here is to select something that matches your budget, potential clients, and your location. It should also be something that suits you!

    Therefore, when you begin to think of how to start a camping business as well as the setup costs, ask yourself this: What is the result I want to see from this venture with regards to MY lifestyle and work-life balance?
  1. Understand the expenses and advantages of setting up a glamping business
    Trust me on this. Every business model or mode of glamping has its pros and cons, setup costs, season duration, maintenance costs and thus turnover. For instance, setting up a glamping pod business will give a very different ROI and associated maintenance expenses in comparison to a lotus belle tent business.

    Hence, understanding this in your cash flow estimates and set-up budget is critical to knowing your business profitability and ROI. Furthermore, it’s important to consider the value of reselling what you purchase in case you wish to enforce your exit plan at any stage (see the Glamping business for sale section below).

  2. Ask for advice for on legal requirements in your country of choice
    Guidelines for individual countries are not the same and therefore, health/safety regulations and getting authorisation for your novel vacation rental is paramount.

    Among the major problems reported by new owners of businesses in the networking group is the period it takes to obtain planning permission.  Most planning departments propose it will take at least six months, in reality, it will likely take a lot longer, in the region of one to two years. Being aware of the possible pitfalls for your site will assist you to complete this more swiftly.
  1. Concentrate on land practicability considerations prior to starting a site
    Well, this is all about vistas and views along with the kind of tourism naturally present in your region of choice already. Additionally, it’s about what will naturally exist side by side with the present terrain of the land. But equally, it can as well be as easy as knowing how your visitors will engage with the land, its fauna and flora, the regional area and all it has to offer them. 
  1. Do your maths and know your income expectations
    This is a post-set-up stage of your business, make sure you have created a comprehensive cash-flow spreadsheet of no less than 3 years. It should include expenses like staffing, land rental costs, office fees, booking agents charges, and infrastructure costs. All of these will present a robust reference check about the continuing finance and profitability of the business you will have access to; in terms of running costs and the potential to grow and expand your site further in the future.
  1. Create a business plan and utilise practical examples to assist you
    Any owner in the early development of their new business needs to know that this is a crucial task. Document everything you will need to spend and any income you propose to make with your individual site. Not only is this important for your financial tracking but is also compulsory when seeking funding or investment in your business dreams. 

    Therefore, if you are thinking about the cost of starting a glamping site, the possible income you can generate and the duration between start-up and success, begin with a robust and comprehensive business plan. 
  1. Understand the maintenance choices you have to make
    Different modes of glamping, your land and buildings, attract differing maintenance costs. This a significant factor in understanding and considering your future business decisions.
  1. Concentrate on what makes your offers unique and market it
    Since the industry is becoming more and more competitive, it’s critical to understand how you differ from the crowd and maintain your “wow factor”. This is where you can exploit your distinctiveness within marketing and promotional methods to guarantee the victory of your novel project when it launches and develops.

In this podcast episode, Sarah Riley discusses what you need to do when there is more competition in the market and an economic slowdown. 

Keep in mind you need to consider what your visitors want and in such a manner that you encourage them to come back year after year. Usually, this is as much about the service you offer as the different options you provide to them, giving them the ability to try something new each time they return. 

Unique Vacation Rental Start-up support, ideas and advice

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Glamping & Luxury Camping Site Set-Up Tips for 2021

If you need more details about setting up a glamping business and luxury camping start-up, bit by bit procedures, templates for business planning, and financial estimates, and particular sector information for 2021, check out the Ultimate Glamping Business set-up guide by Inspired Courses. A cost-effective way to begin a thriving glamping business fast while doing away with the costly pitfalls. 

Join Sarah Riley’s Facebook Glamping Business Community to keep up with the industry news, to build fresh connections and search for more advice. The community has glamping business experts and visionaries who are working extra hard to achieve their dreams in 2021. If you need to have answers for your questions, this is the largest and best community to join. 

Finally, grab some amazing free resources that have been created to support new business proprietors in this industry. This includes: 

  • Six accelerators that result in glamping business and vacation rental success
  • Five blunders hospitality owners usually make, which hinders their projected growth.

The Glamping Business And Unique Holiday Rental Podcast

We are also meeting and interviewing some extremely knowledgeable people who are already deeply embedded into the glamping business market, allowing us to experience their knowledge and even learn from their mistakes as they’ve “been there and tried that.”

Planning to start a New Hospitality Business Or Unique Vacation Rental but concerned about the current Covid pandemic’s impact on the Market and Rising Competition?

More and more often recently we are asked these questions by our podcast listeners and readers, who are understandably concerned about the global economic decline. 

First, check out this report, which points out that “the global glamping market size was estimated at USD 2.1 billion in 2018 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 12.5% from 2019 to 2025.” Impressive!

Additionally, we addressed this question in episode #18 of the podcast – Glamping And Unique Holiday Rentals In An Economic Downturn Or With Increasing Competition which you can also listen to on Spotify and iTunes. Click the links to multi-task your research level and listen in the car, while you’re exercising or working (perfect!).

Lastly, considering the impact of Covid on the glamping industry, we have put together a series of training sessions and workshops to highlight the issues and what you need to know, including W.H.O. guidance. You can find everything here: Tourism support and advice regarding Covid-19

How To Find An Available Glamping Business For Sale

Rarely an opportunity emerges that lets you take over and profit from an already well-established business, but this is often a wise move to make, removing the start-up stress from your plate! However, bear in mind you will likely miss out on a large chunk of the initial capital profits gained at initial start-up.

How to find glamping businesses for sale

  • Contact your local estate agent, land agent or realtor
  • Visit online auction companies
  • Search the Internet
  • Contact owners direct to explore if they are interested in selling

If you are set on purchasing a ready-made package, here’s a quick list of what you need to find out before you dive in;

Your handy checklist

Undertake a due diligence check to find out:

  1. If it will be freehold or leasehold.
  2. If any branding assets, websites and/or booking systems are included.
  3. What capital assets are included.
  4. Annual revenue and net profit after costs since the business was set up
  5. If there are any outstanding debtors.
  6. If it will deliver the lifestyle you want. This is important!
  7. If previous customer booking details are included.
  8. Finally, consider if you have an exit strategy and a way of building value on your investment?

For more inspirations and information, visit the Podcast – The Business of Glamping And Unique Holiday Rentals.

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