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"Amazing content! Sarah overdelivers! I feel much more confident to launch our new glamping business after following Sarah's class. We especially appreciated how she always found time to answer all of our questions, leaving us with multiple solutions to consider. Sarah's class makes you rethink your marketing strategies in a new way you never thought of. Being able to connect live with Sarah and other business owners makes it motivating to get through the class faster. Glad we invested in this course."

Emilie L. Glamping Business Owner

"You don't meet GLAMPING Experts everyday - but I did. Sarah Riley's knowledge and contact base was GOLDEN... "

Louise M. Owner of KUDHVA

"Sarah, I am really just getting into all your top tips in the Marketing Masterclass (am currently in the 2nd unit) and am finding it all brilliant! Can’t wait to learn even more!"

Jo T. Glamping Business Developer

"I’m loving the course so far, thank you. I didn’t realise how helpful it would be and I’ve only just started!"

Clare W. Unique Vacation Rental Owner

"Sarah Riley was an absolute lifeline for us. Her e-learning course was our first discovery, which saved us hours of time of research and £100’s of pounds of potential wasted money by taking decisions that would have been uneducated. There is no other resource out there of this quality in the glamping sector - other than Sarah Riley herself! After purchasing the e-learning course, it was an easy decision to retain the services of Sarah as a consultant. "

Mark K. Hospitality Business Developer


Your tutor, Sarah Riley, is a professionally qualified coach and trainer. Her work ranges from lifestyle business start-up advice, to project management, books and TV projects around the world.

As Founder of Inspired Camping and Inspired Courses and the joint owner of a 5 star boutique hospitality business for over a decade, she has been involved in hospitality marketing for many years.

Now she wants to share her trade secrets with you so you can jump ahead of the competition.


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