Powerful Publicity Masterclass®

It is now possible for owners of holiday rentals to work with the media to raise their profiles and boost their reputations which will translate into better product exposure, increase bookings and sell out retreats.

Even if you feel like a media novice, uncomfortable in the spotlight or are terrified of rejection, the ‘Powerful Publicity Masterclass’ will give you the building blocks to lead and manage your media exposure by following some fundamental steps.  

Why this Masterclass?

Media is a complicated beast but there are ways you can tame it and make it work for you. Rest assured that with a little insider knowledge anyone can pick it up and it takes much less time than you think!

The techniques used in the world of the media are not widely discussed but with a sneak peak behind the scenes you will be able to to stand out from the crowd whilst leaving your friends, family and competitors wondering how you managed to land that media coverage, get featured in that magazine, that podcast or even on that TV show.

Not convinced? Then this masterclass is especially made for you! 

Who is This Masterclass For?

‘Powerful Publicity Masterclass’ is particularly aimed at those who think it’s impossible to get featured in the media at this level without an enormous time investment ( capacity which they don’t have ). It is also perfectly crafted for those who feel they don’t possess the necessary writing capability or the conversational and presentational skills to be interviewed and appear in the limelight. Even the most introverted amongst you will be able to project yourselves in the right way and watch the opportunities come rolling in once you know how it’s done!

The masterclass is structured in such a way to benefit existing entrepreneurs and small business owners, retreat and event organisers, glamping hosts, edo resorts, boutique hotels, B&B’s and another unique accommodation providers. 

What Can You Expect From This Course?

The ‘Power Publicity’ Masterclass allows you to find your perfect pitch using your own secret sauce, get insiders tips and tricks on connecting directly with the right media personnel, fast track development on your own professional media pack and learn trade secrets from Sarah herself, including a glimpse inside her ‘little black book’.

As if that wasn’t enough value to digest special bonuses include learning and advice from key industry insiders from, an award winning journalist, a TV seasoned business owner and a years worth of global publicity dates and pitch ideas.

All of these elements combined will provide the perfect springboard to launch your business into the media spotlight with minimal time consumption and effort from you!

What the Attendees said; 

Kyle G… "Media relations has always seemed a bit of an enigma to me! I really needed your publicity masterclass! As always great delivery in bite-sized, easy to follow and understand the content. 

Beautifully brought to life with you and Kerry’s personal experiences and gained knowledge- a true masterclass.

Thank you both so much."

Roni O…"I thought the content and explanations of media were really good. Has definitely inspired me to think about things in a different way. I come from a media background but was very rusty so I am pleased I came to the masterclass."

Angela L…"Thank you for today, Sarah…You’re a fountain of knowledge and your inspiration never ceases to amaze me! Mind-boggling session…with such valued shared. Looking forward to the next!"

Anne P…"I don’t have a business yet but I found this information to be extremely eye-opening and interesting. At the stage of the process that I am in (just thinking about this business) I had not thought too much about the publicity piece. This was so informative and also so much fun to think about. Thank you!!"

Milton A…."The best investment in your business is called EDUCATION! Thank you Sarah Riley for the amazing presentation..."

Tim B…"Sarah has empowered me with the tools, ideas and answers I needed, in just one day. We have covered so much ground..."


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