Masterclasses With Sarah Riley

A collection of Masterclasses to help you set up a unique eco-accommodation business, launch a retreat business, gain powerful publicity, attract more customers using paid ad strategies and confidently operate in an unstable economy.

Start Up And Grow Your Glamping Business Or Eco-Retreat

Discover the secrets to successfully launching a glamping business or unique holiday rental.

The Ultimate Glamping Business Start-Up Guide® gives everything you need to plan, build and launch your unique holiday rental business and quickly start making your hospitality dreams a reality, even without land, buildings or experience of the industry.

"I feel so blessed that I found your program at the beginning of my journey, as the guide has literally been helping me to clearly articulate and document the glamping venture that I will be starting over the next year or so. 

Thus far, this has been ridiculously helpful! I am lost for words, as I feel like I finally understand what I would like to do for the remainder of my career! Thank you!!" Karen

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Perfectly Planned and Profitable Retreats® System

Fill your events and grow your business, even without a large email list or social media following

This masterclass with Sarah Riley and guest experts Kerry Roy and Tanya Lynch will give you everything you need to confidently set up and publicise successful retreats and help you generate loyal fans, launch a new business, jump ahead of the competition and grow.

"Inspirational as always - cogs are turning at 100 miles an hour!" Nadine

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Powerful Publicity

Unlock The Media Secrets To Attracting Guests

Your step-by-step guide to getting more media attention to launch your business and boost your bookings even if you are not comfortable in the spotlight.

Build authority in the industry and jump ahead of the competition by promoting your business in an authentic way

Learn the inner-circle secrets to becoming a media magnet from the people who are writing the content... the journalists, editors and magazine publishers.

"As always great delivery in bite-sized, easy to follow and understand the content. Beautifully brought to life with you and Kerry’s personal experiences and gained knowledge- a true masterclass. Thank you both so much." Kyle

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Get Fully Booked Using The Power Of Facebook® And Instagram Ads 

Demystifying the process used to attract new customers for your short-stay vacation rental, glamping business, eco-resort, boutique hotel, bed and breakfast or holiday cottage using Facebook® and Instagram adverts.

This training will show you why your ads might not be getting the results you want and it also shows you how to fix it!

"The course has been instrumental in making an intimidating platform so much more digestible and we can now see a way forward for this very powerful tool. Delighted we signed up and expecting to see great returns from this." Tim

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Guest Booking Success (Includes The Direct Booking Blueprint®)

This Marketing Masterclass is for glamping business owners and holiday rental hosts who want to confidently attract more guests, direct bookings and profits by upping their game and standing out from the crowd.

As a true Masterclass, it has been designed to take you through all the elements you will need to successfully get you the results you want and the bookings you need. 

"This gave me the knowledge I needed to know what to do. I also feel I want to put effort into my marketing instead of delegating it entirely. Before the course, I was afraid of the unknown and did not want to put in the effort because of that. I know I still have to put a lot of effort to get where I want to be but I’m not afraid anymore. I know I will get results using what you have shared in the Masterclass. I would highly recommend it." Marc-Andre

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Building a Recession-Proof Holiday Business

This course is designed for glamping business owners and holiday rental hosts who want to confidently operate during an unstable economy.

This intensive workshop spread over 4 sessions has been designed to help you respond quickly and confidently to this rapidly changing situation and the impact it will have on the holiday rental market in the long term.

"I took part in your ‘recession proofing’ course during the lockdown and really enjoyed it. I found it really interesting that when I put your tips into practice, I beat Canopy and Stars to it, and bookings through my own website have been 50% higher than the whole of last year in just the three months I have been open this year." M.M.

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