Step-by-step training for holiday accommodation providers to attract direct guest bookings quickly using Facebook® and Instagram ads...


When you suddenly find yourself with empty beds that need filling quickly, Facebook® and Instagram ads can help you take back control in an instant.

Can you imagine how exciting it will be to fill off-peak gaps in the diary or re-book cancellations?

Or find lots of new guests and stay in touch with previous ones?

Or use ads to launch your new glamping and unique holiday rental business or boutique hotel?

This essential tool can help you take control of your holiday let guest bookings at those times when you need it most.

Have you noticed how many holiday companies are using Facebook® and Instagram ads to get bookings?

This is because it allows them to get in front of their customers in the same place they are hanging out with their family and friends.

You can do this too and I'd like to help demystify these platforms and help you use them to generate new bookings. 

This means you will no longer have to rely on expensive booking agents.

This method of getting your business in front of your customers quickly can take your business to the next level.

How do I know?

Because I use it and there's no other system out there that allows you to target your future customers with such accuracy.

In fact, it's even more sophisticated now than Google Ads.

This means you can reach the right people at the right time and start filling your calendar with commission-free bookings fast!

Knowing how to do it right allows you to turn the flow of guest bookings on and off like a tap, whenever you need them most and that's just made running a hospitality business really exciting!







If you get it right, Facebook® and Instagram ads can recession-proof your business and take it to the next level...

What you can use these ads for:

✔ To launch a new hospitality business

✔ Sell out during off-peak times

✔ Get previous customers to book again

✔ Attract bookings to replace last-minute cancellations

✔ Find brand new customers and commission-free direct bookings

✔ Fully book your events and retreats

✔ Grow your email list until it’s bursting

✔ Anything else that needs exposure in front of your potential or existing customers


If you've tried them before but grew frustrated by bad performing ads with low conversions then the reality is you probably didn't set them up properly.

This is bad for business and is like putting your hard-earned cash into Facebook's® back pocket!

(*Also known as bad ROI*)

Instead you need to know exactly how to set up your ads and monitor them to make sure they are working in the best way possible for the money you are spending.

(*Also known as good ROI*)

More importantly, you need to know how to do this in less than 5 minutes a day.

(*Also known as an easier life!*)

This is possible when you know how and I want to show you the way.

(*Also known as... yesss!*)

In this course you will learn how to get…

✔ The best results

✔ Highest conversion rates

✔ Great return on your investment

✔ Target exactly who your customers are right now

✔ Find more people who are just like your previous customers who you haven’t even met yet!

✔ Discover people who have looked at your website and even specific pages like your shop or checkout page, but decided not to buy…. yet!

✔ Do that with confidence and at a fraction of the cost of other forms of promotions

✔ To be in complete control of your advertising budget

By the end of this training you will be able to... 

✶ Easily get everything in place before you start

✶ Confidently set up brilliant ads that work with ease

✶ Get them working on auto-pilot so you can get on with the day job

✶ Know what the benchmarks are so you can fully understand if your ads are performing and switch them off if they’re not, in only a few minutes a day

✶ Understand when you have an opportunity to scale the performance of your ads and really max out your occupancy rates

✶ Avoid the mistakes others are making that lead to inefficient ads, overspent budgets, negative comments on ads and no sales or conversions

✶ Take a look at what works with live campaigns and best practice so you will know if your ads are working the way they should

✶ Put everything into action quickly and simply using step-by-step guidance in this interactive workshop and recorded training sessions with me by your side

"The course has been instrumental in making an intimidating platform so much more digestible and we can now see a way forward for this very powerful tool. Delighted we signed up and expecting to see great returns from this."

Tim B.

Exactly what you will get in this self-study course 

✔ Access to a step-by-step workshop covering the course content shown below, with downloadable checklists and instructions.

✔ Access to the *Facebook Ads Made Easy For Hospitality* Workbook to accompany the training.

✔ Recorded training snippets, which focus on the most important elements of the Facebook Ads platform when you need quick and helpful reminders.

✔ The *Facebook Ads Best Practice eBook*, for the holiday accommodation industry - sharing the best Facebook ads for hotels, campgrounds, glamping sites and other industry leaders.

✔ The *Facebook Ads Quick Impact Formula eBook* - a recipe book to build high performing ads, which includes the strategies and scripts to stop people scrolling past your ads.

✔ My recommended *Easy-Peasy Facebook Ads Strategy* for a quick and simple way to get your ads working with minimal effort, in 30 minutes or less.

✔ Automatic access to future updates of the course content to help you stay on top of your Fb ads strategy

✔ To have access to all the training materials anywhere in the world and at any time on your computer, tablet and the members-only Smartphone App.

Watch over my shoulder as I show you exactly how to set up and monitor your ads based on best practice in the hospitality industry

Step-By-Step Workbook

The course workbook takes you through everything you need to know to get excited about the possibilities you will have for your business now you understand how to set up your own ads strategy.

Best Practice For This Industry

Want to know how others are attracting guest bookings through their Facebook ads? This eBook highlights heaps of best practice in the holiday accommodation industry to help inspire you with your own campaigns. It shares the best Facebook ads for hotels, campgrounds, glamping sites and other industry leaders.

Facebook Ads Quick Impact Formula

The course also includes the Quick Impact Formula eBook. A recipe book to help you build high performing ads that get noticed. This eBook includes what works, why it works and even gives you a variety of ad scripts to pick and choose from if you are struggling to find your own.


✔ Glamping business hosts

✔ Unique hospitality and holiday rentals

✔ Extraordinary eco-resorts and outdoor experiential hospitality

✔ Boutique hotels, bed and breakfast establishments and cottage vacation rentals

✔ Cabins, treehouses, hobbit holes, woodland retreats and other unique accommodation

FB Ad Strategy Essentials

What you need to do to get your ads working, by getting your website and email systems to talk to FB, set the right budgets, track spend and make sure you get great value for money

How To Find An Audience

Find your customer and speak to them in a way that they respond to and take action in the perfectly crafted system you’ve set up to become a customer magnet when you need it most

Set-And-Forget Automation

Monitor, adjust and optimise your ads to automate their success so you can get on with the day job and leave FB to hunt out your future guests and get them to book with you.

Real-Time Demonstrations

Look over my shoulder while I set up new campaigns and monitor performance using techniques you NEED to know, while you plan how to apply it to your own business

By the end of this training you will be able to...

...confidently set up high performing FB ads for your own hospitality business, leaving you really excited about the potential you have for attracting new guest bookings quickly. So if you know the answer lies in FB ads but they currently make you want to scream and run away, then this course is for you!

How It Works...

The video lessons, workbook and eBooks are all provided electronically. As soon as you purchase you will receive an email giving you access to your new members account in the Inspired Courses VIP Lounge. If you already have an account, make sure you sign up with the same email and your new course will be added to your personal library.

"This is so easy to follow. I've gone from a complete novice to understanding my earnings per lead! And I'm really excited about that!"

Claire M.

I have spent thousands on Facebook® ads to find out exactly what works so you don’t have to and I distill it all into this training so you can increase your bookings, attract more customers and get your questions answered, such as:

  • How much should I spend on my Facebook ads?

  • How do I know if they are working properly? 

  • What's the best practice for setting up ads and how do I duplicate it? Specifically,  what are the best Facebook ads for hotels, campgrounds and glamping sites?

  • How can I find and target a new audience, my existing customers or my business page followers?

  • How can I convert someone into a customer if they click on my ad?

  • How can I measure the actions people take as a result of my ads?

  • How can I get more guest bookings with my ads?

  • What are the benchmarks for a successful ad in this industry? Plus much more.

So if you want to be one of the few in the holiday accommodation and hospitality industry to confidently get your Facebook® ads working properly so they grow your business and strengthen it in the face of future challenges by attracting direct, commission-free guest bookings, then sign up below and get started immediately.

About Sarah Riley

Internationally recognised as one of the leading experts in the unique holiday rental and glamping industry, Sarah helps owners set up their accommodation and attract bookings with techniques very few are using in this increasingly competitive industry.

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