Building a Recession-Proof Holiday Business

 With Sarah Riley

For glamping business owners and holiday rental hosts who want to confidently operate during an unstable economy.

"I took part in your ‘recession proofing’ course during the lockdown and really enjoyed it. I found it really interesting that when I put your tips in to practice, I beat Canopy and Stars to it, and bookings through my own website have been 50% higher than the whole of last year in just the three months I have been open this year."


Why do some businesses suffer in a recession while others manage to thrive?

Looking around right now, businesses are responding to the current crisis in very different ways.

You may have recently experienced the unthinkable… rapid cancelations and closure at what should be your busiest time.

You’ve responded in the only way you can.


But what’s going to happen next and how can you prepare for it?

How will the current situation change your guest behaviour in the future?

How can you prepare to take action when tourists are finally allowed to return?

And what happens if the economy starts to spiral into a decline?


Taking action for a Tourism Turnaround!

This course, which includes a recorded workshop event with step-by-step advice and supporting downloads, is designed for glamping business owners and holiday rental hosts who want to confidently operate during an unstable economy.

You will need to significantly adjust your messaging to respond to what’s happened and I want to give you the techniques to achieve that.

This intensive workshop spread over 4 sessions has been designed to help you respond quickly and confidently to this rapidly changing situation and the impact it will have on the holiday rental market in the long term.

It will help you with two essential elements businesses need during a crisis:

 Taking fast action 

✔ Being adaptable to change


Because the truth we all have to face right now is... 

...“business as usual” doesn’t exist anymore!

So whether you are only just starting with your unique holiday rental or glamping business or you are a seasoned owner, you need to make changes and you need to make them FAST!


Before this happened...

...running a unique holiday rental or glamping business was becoming more and more popular.

Every day new owners were ramping up their existing efforts in an attempt to stand out from the crowd.

Now it is even more important to be visible above the rest, but the techniques you need to do this must be actioned quickly to respond to the current situation.

And I have good news as I want to share them to help you be proactive in this situation and strengthen your business in the face of an unsettled economy, which could be moving towards a deep recession.


For your business to survive and thrive it is essential you stay ahead of the curve

No one knows when your guests will have confidence to return.

But when they finally do, the way they book their holidays will have changed. We were already witnessing that before this permanent shift.

Things will not go back to the way they were before.

So you need to prepare for a changing market.

This is how you’ll be able to stand strong in the face of an economic decline and set yourself up for long-term business success.

I know this all feels overwhelming and like it’s almost impossible to do all of this on your own. That’s exactly why I created this workshop so you can get the guidance and support you need to take fast, efficient action.


"Thank you so much for all of the information, insights, hints, tips and thought-provoking advice in your course. I have really enjoyed it and found it so so useful. Not only has it re-light my enthusiasm, which has been somewhat dampened by recent events, but the content has completely challenged my thinking and approach to marketing. I feel I can now tackle the next few months confidently and also use what I have learnt for years to come!"

Katie R.

Hi there... I'm Sarah Riley

For the last 10 years I've been working with unique holiday accommodation hosts to help them start-up and increase their guest bookings and profits.

I've not only been teaching it, I've been doing it too, by jointly managing a 5-star boutique hospitality business, running 'Inspired Camping' and sharing best practice and interviews with experts on my iTunes and Spotify podcast.

Through it all, the most important thing I can share with you is that with the right strategy you will be able to navigate these turbulent waters.

You just need to know how to adapt your business to the changing times and I want to show you how.

"Thank you so much... So many good ideas to think about and also bring up things I hadn’t thought of. Feeling inspired and like I’m getting ahead of the game!"












Are you ready to take charge and start preparing for a #TourismTurnaround?

Are you ready to... 

Understand exactly what’s happening and how this will impact your guests behaviour

• Keep yourself focused and motivated with others to tackle the one thing you need to do next to address this crisis situation

• Learn how to adapt and mould your services into what your future guest needs

• Package and position what your business offers so it sells itself

• Uplevel your marketing so you stand out from the crowd by reading the minds of your future guests

• Learn the strategies that actually work during these uncertain times to increase your guest bookings and secure your business for tomorrow










Helping You Build A Recession Proof Business

In this course you will get guidance and exact strategies you need to have a thriving glamping and holiday rental business.

This is for you if you want to prepare quickly and respond immediately to the current crisis, the impact it will have on the industry as a whole and the likely recession.

You will be developing your new business approach and quick wins throughout the program as you move through the content.

Some of these techniques have never been shared openly before and can bring you a quick stream of bookings.

But you will only benefit if you put in the work and now is the perfect time to do it.


“But I thought people weren’t booking holidays right now?”

It’s not about what’s happening right now, it's about understanding how you need to prepare your business and adapt quickly to make sure it continues to thrive in the future.

You need to know what’s changed, what you need to offer your guests and how to offer it in a way that works during these uncertain times.

Are you ready to learn how?


This Will Help You By:

✔ Giving you a deep understanding of exactly how you need to prepare your business for the #TourismTurnaround

✔ How you can adjust your approach and apply new techniques to attract bookings and ease your cashflow 

✔ Fine-tune the recession-proof offer you need to develop for your guests to make them want to book with you

✔ Understand how you can set up an effective guest booking road map you can use to attract future guests through social media efforts you can implement today regardless of these challenging times.

✔ Feel confident that you can start selling and marketing your holidays with integrity 

✔ Gain precious confidence and motivation to keep going at this challenging time.

And much more.



✔ Glamping business hosts

✔ Unique hospitality and holiday rentals

✔ Extraordinary eco-resorts and outdoor experiential hospitality

✔ Boutique hotels, bed and breakfast establishments and holiday cottage rentals

✔ Cabins, treehouses, hobbit holes, woodland retreats and other unique accommodation hosts

"Thank you so much Sarah, this has been so informative. I feel really motivated again and will be busy working on my business setting goals, building funnels and setting up systems..."


Workshop Mission

For glamping business owners and holiday rental hosts who want to confidently operate during an unstable economy

The key to your business being able to heal, rebuild and recover quickly relies on your ability to adjust your marketing and overall customer services to meet changes in your future guests perceptions and needs.

This is no longer business as usual and this workshop recording and supporting material focuses on how you can meet the demands of the new 2-metre economy.

By the end you will feel confident, inspired and understand exactly what you need to do next to strengthen your business in the face of a recession and to prepare for a #TourismTurnaround

Session 1

An industry in crisis and how you need to adapt to survive. Including how this will change your guests behaviour and what you need to offer them instead

Session 2

Adapting your services to meet new and emerging needs

Session 3

Six steps to creating a recession proof service that sells itself and positions you as a trustworthy and reliable business

Session 4

Simple marketing actions to beat the recession including what works and how you need to implement it in a different way than before to reflect the changing market.


*Bonuses* for those who need to adapt and earn an additional income quickly...

All learners will also get two bonus eBooks: 

Bonus 1:

60 Short-Term Income Generation Ideas Using Skills You Already Have - Vital suggestions to help you survive an extended lockdown

Bonus 2:

40 Powerful Ways To Promote Your Business On A Limited Budget - A low-cost checklist to help you generate local bookings

Click here to access all workshop recordings and bonus material

Taking Action For A #TourismTurnaround!

"There is no other resource out there of this quality in the glamping sector - other than Sarah Riley herself! After purchasing the e-learning course, it was an easy decision to retain the services of Sarah as a consultant. "

Mark K.

Limited Availability!

Are you going to be the person who takes action for a #TourismTurnaround today because...

Knowledge + Action = Results

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