Guest Booking Success 


A Masterclass* With Sarah Riley

For glamping business owners and short-stay hosts who want to confidently attract more guests, direct bookings and profits.
*Includes The Direct Booking Success Blueprint®

Opens again in 2020...

"Before starting this Masterclass… I had a plan to use social media to promote my business because I followed your business startup plan but was lacking information to take action properly. Now… I’m more confident that I can do a lot by myself and the course give me the knowledge I needed to know what I need to do. I also feel that I want to put effort into my marketing instead of delegating it entirely. Before the course I was afraid of the unknown and did not want to put the effort because of that. I know I still have to put a lot of effort to get where I want to be but I’m not afraid anymore. I know I will get result using what you have shared in the course. If someone is in the same situation I was, I would highly recommend considering your course."

Marc-André G.










✔ Glamping business hosts

✔ Unique hospitality and holiday rentals

✔ Extraordinary eco-resorts and outdoor experiential hospitality

✔ Boutique hotels, bed and breakfast establishments and cottage vacation rentals

✔ Cabins, treehouses, hobbit holes, woodland retreats and other unique accommodation

"Its really hard to keep up with speed of change in the digital world - advertising, social media and booking trends - but Sarah is constantly updating the resources in the course so you’re always up to speed and don’t have to spend hours trawling for information as it’s already been done for you. Managing budgets is hard when you’re starting up from scratch but I have to say that it was definitely money well spent and continues to be excellent value. I’m very excited about the new app which means I’ll be able to access training from my phone anytime and anywhere – perfect to fill those idle minutes when I’m waiting for our guests to arrive!"

Caroline, Woodland Retreat Owner


Your tutor, Sarah Riley, is a professionally qualified coach, trainer and consultant. Her work ranges from lifestyle business start-up advice and resort development, to project management, books and TV projects around the world.

As Founder of Inspired Camping and Inspired Courses and the joint owner of a 5 star boutique hospitality business for over a decade, she has been involved in hospitality marketing for many years.

Now she wants to share her trade secrets with you so you can jump ahead of the competition.


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