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A Masterclass* With Sarah Riley

For glamping business owners and short-stay hosts who want to confidently attract more guests, direct bookings and profits.
*Includes The Direct Booking Success Blueprint®

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"You don't meet *UNIQUE HOSPITALITY* Experts everyday - but I did. Sarah Riley's knowledge and contact base was GOLDEN... Timing can be KEY, having top level support like this was worth its weight. I could ask direct question and get direct answers. Sarah is still on board with my project KUDHVA. She's a regular go to for us. Having been in the industry since its inception she can quickly drill down your needs. I feel that I got seriously lucky... without her KUDHVA would not have been born. "

Louise M., Owner of KUDHVA








The Guest Booking Success Masterclass

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Module 1: An introduction to your business marketing and getting started

You have a business, so that makes you a marketer. Now it's time to become a GREAT marketer! This Module shows you the foundations to getting the results you want faster and easier, and how to set it up so it works on auto-pilot. 


Your introduction to marketing

The essential pieces of the puzzle and how they fit together to make a successful and scaleable business. 

The essentials of unforgettable branding 

How to create an unforgettable brand, even if you already have one, and have it working for you on auto-pilot.

Essential planning tools

Step-by-step instructions about what you need to think through and make decisions about today.

Promotional planning

Why it’s so important to get this bit right, while leaving yourself some wiggle room and a marketing-margin-for-magic for those things you didn’t plan for.

Understanding you, what makes you tick and why it’s ok to outsource

A rarely talked about technique that will open your eyes and leave you stunned by what you discover… in a good way.

Module 2: Content Creation

Become your own graphic designer and copywriter in a day with ease, while keeping complete control of your words, imagery and designs. This Module explains what works, and what doesn’t, so you don’t have to waste your time trying.


Everything you need to know about writing publicity copy and why you should care

This proves why content is king and shows you the elements you need to focus on, including a helpful checklist to use each time you need to craft something of your own.

Graphic design training with your branding for various platforms

Watch over my shoulder as I show you how to make stunning graphics for posters, adverts, social media posts, website offers and more, including what you need to get the wow factor.

The ‘how’ of email campaigns

Everyone keeps telling you to do this, but how do you get it right? 

Keeping your assets in order and available for your team

Mapping out those essential assets to help you be the effective leader of your team. 

Module 3: Attract interested people and turn them into lifetime customers who send you referrals 

The essentials of having an online presence to attract customers who want to buy from you, even if you don't understand the technology.


Different stages of marketing with your customers

There are more stages to attracting customers than you might think, but what’s the most important one? Well, that’s developing your relationship with potential customers you haven’t even met yet. Sound impossible? Not for long!


Understanding your target market and what makes them tick

Knowing what makes your potential customer tick is essential… but difficult. This makes it easy by showing you where to look and asking you the right questions to get your grey cells buzzing.


The art and science of repeat bookings

This lesson shows you in great detail how to turn a one time customer into a lifetime customer who sends you referrals.

Dealing with complaints 

Let me be your cheerleader and mentor for those unthinkable moments when a customer complains. Have my vital golden rules available for you to refresh your skills and give you courage if you are ever asked to step into the 'lion's-den'. 

Module 4: Crafting your offer and making sales

Understand, find and talk to your customers and make them want to buy from you... with pleasure... because you are going to make them realise you are a match made in heaven. 


Understanding what makes you unique

What makes you different and why it’s so important to get this bit right. This lesson unravels the secrets of those who have already claimed their 'va va voom'!


Your product or service and how to price it and sell it

Do you know what pricing strategies everyone else is using and why? But do you want to learn why I recommend a completely different approach? This lesson will get you thinking differently to avoid starting a race to the bottom. 


Conversion tools for converting interest into bookings

This lesson explains, in a super-simple way, how to get your website and adverts to convert your audience into customers with ease.

The how and why of feedback and what it can do for you

This lesson will get you thinking about doing something you’ve never done before… and you’ll be excited about it because it will open doors and bring real opportunities to you.


What has to be right and what so many business owners get wrong with their websites

Watch over my shoulder as I give a unique accommodation business a full and real-time website audit. This lesson will give you 'ah-ha' moments about your own website like you’ve never had before.


How to find and talk to your customers and make them want to buy from you.

This lesson will help you understand how to tailor the language of your offer in such a way to get your potential customers desperate to book with you!

Module 5: Getting your social media right

Discover what works best in this industry with step-by-step guides to help you generate greatness while automating and streamlining your efforts.


What works best with this industry

Including what I recommend and why I recommend it. With social media… I don’t just say… I do! Just take a look at my own ‘Inspired Camping’ platforms to know that I mean business when it comes to building an audience. Now, I want to share my secrets with you!


The essentials for...

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, including the specific benefits of each one so you can make the best choice about where you dedicate your time.

Results focused...

How to go from 0-1000 in 3 months using a simple but effective approach.


The tools available to help make it easier

Learn about the tools others are using and which ones are best for you.

The Influencers Marketing Guide

Get the exact step-by-step strategy of how to use the influence of others to make more bookings. This section includes a case study of how one business became fully booked for a full year, in a matter of days.

Module 6: Measuring performance in a sexy way!

Easily measure your website performance, occupancy levels and advertising-costs-versus-effort with these simple tools to make sure you are getting the maximum return on any investments. This Module gives you the reasons why as well as a downloadable do-it-for-you automated spreadsheet. All you need to do is drop in the numbers and it will show the totals, enabling you to make the best decisions for your business.


Performance indicators and your return on investment

The different marketing performance indicators and why and how you need to calculate them to understand your return on investment. 


Reputation management

Analyse your online and offline business image and the top ways to find out what people are saying about you.

How to measure your online impact

Learn what you need to focus on and how you can use certain analytic tools and data to shape a more dynamic and successful business. 


The tools available to help make it easier

Learn about the tools others are using and which ones are the best for you.

Module 7: How to make the media work for you

The Media is a complicated beast, but there are ways you can tame it to make it work for you. This module will help you take a peek behind the scenes and understand more about what makes the media tick.


Dealing with media and understanding how to make it work for you

Get the inside line on what you need to do to shift the power balance in your relationship with the media.


Getting your assets right and being prepared for anything

The 'what, when and how' of what you need when dealing with the media regularly.


Unforgettable topic ideas, developing the perfect pitch and landing coverage

Learn how to write a press release and come up with brilliant topic ideas whenever you need them so you can develop the perfect pitch and land that big piece of publicity.

The Marketing Masterclass Bonuses

The bonuses are designed to make key elements of attracting new customers as easy as possible for you, so, you can maximise bookings without feeling overwhelmed. 


1. A year’s worth of pre-written blogs as a gift to you (and a secret weapon) to get your business blog flying without having to do a thing: simply copy and paste!

2. A 'how to' sourcebook for getting listed in multiple accommodation directories to maximise your bookings.

3. A free e-book for your website visitors to download to help you grow your email and future guest lists.

4. Getting your mindset ready for success (and dealing with imposter syndrome).

5. Top ways to increase your revenue that you probably haven't thought of yet.

6. A Professional Photographers guide to improving your business imagery with ease.

7. A 500 word blog post with your images and backlinks on Inspired Camping

8. 10 cool ways you can nurture your customers by email to keep them interested and in the 'buyers' state of mind.

9. A list of tools others are using to simplify their marketing activities so you can too.

10. 40 powerful ways you can promote your business on a limited budget.

11. Content marketing ideas to easily create engagement on your social media channels.

12. The beginners guide to website SEO and getting Google to love your website

13. The event promotion checklist - a step-by-step guide to a successful event

14. Your new business launch checklist - a step-by-step guide to a successful launch.

15. Guest experience checklist to maximise great reviews and customer returns.

16. New exciting techniques as they develop in the world of guest attraction.

Masterclass Coaching Sessions

To make this learning truly transformational, there will be 6 group coaching sessions giving you an opportunity to ask questions and understand how to apply everything to your own business. You will also have access to a private Facebook group for additional ongoing support.

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"Sarah Riley was an absolute lifeline for us. Her e-learning course was our first discovery, which saved us hours of time of research and £100’s of pounds of potential wasted money by taking decisions that would have been uneducated. There is no other resource out there of this quality in the glamping sector - other than Sarah Riley herself! After purchasing the e-learning course, it was an easy decision to retain the services of Sarah as a consultant. "

Mark K., Hospitality Business Developer

Take A Look Inside The Masterclass


Joanna enrolled in The Masterclass while setting up her glamping business. She wanted to learn how to convert an audience into paying customers so she could quickly turn her passion into profits. This is what she said about the course...


Your tutor, Sarah Riley, is a professionally qualified coach, trainer and consultant. Her work ranges from lifestyle business start-up advice and resort development, to project management, books and TV projects around the world.

As Founder of Inspired Camping and Inspired Courses and the joint owner of a 5 star boutique hospitality business for over a decade, she has been involved in hospitality marketing for many years.

Now she wants to share her trade secrets with you so you can jump ahead of the competition.

What Hosts Are Saying...

"Sarah, I am really just getting into all your top tips in the Marketing Masterclass (am currently in the 2nd unit) and am finding it all brilliant! Can’t wait to learn even more!"

Joanna T.

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