Glamping Business Benefits For Homeworkers And Those Working From Home

With travel abroad not likely to be on the cards this year, it seems that many people throughout the UK are learning just how great it can be to holiday in their own country. As a result, we have seen a significant increase in the data that shows us people still want something to look forward to despite the current difficulties. 

As we all adapt to the new normal, outdoor activities such as camping have also become more popular. However, the truth is, the idea of getting back to basics doesn't always appeal to everyone. 

This is where glamping comes into play.

Glamping is like an upgrade to the standard camping experience. A five-star experience under canvas that takes everything great about camping and makes it even better. My slogan for it is "Smoothing The Edges of Roughing It" as that's exactly what it does.

However, glamping doesn't just have something amazing to offer vacationers as it can also benefit homeworkers and those who might want to increase their income by running a lifestyle business from home.

So here's a brief guide about glamping and what it has to offer homeworkers and those who want to increase their income by expanding into the holiday rental industry. 

What Can Glamping Offer Those Who Work From Home?

The increase in popularity is great news for entrepreneurs as it means the options for making a living from home are expanding as more people explore staycations instead of foreign holidays.

So if you have an extra piece of land or a large garden and you work from home, setting up a small glamping experience is a great way of increasing your income by providing something that is in great demand at the moment.

You can get really creative and rent out your private space by turning a backyard into a "glampsite". This is a great hobby business but it can also be a more serious lifestyle-changing business depending on the business model you decide to introduce. 

I cover the different business models and the important elements you must consider in my Ultimate Glamping Business Guide, which has been used to start multiple award-winning lifestyle businesses around the world, from the UK and Europe to the Americas and Australasia.

Using Glamping To Expand your Homeworking Space

Recently, many of us have had to get used to the idea of working from home 24/7. While this may sound amazing to some, the idea of working and living in the same space isn't exactly stress-free.

Family distractions, ringing doorbells, barking dogs and being surrounded by daily chores isn't exactly ideal when you are trying to work but glamping can offer a solution, which will help you improve productivity while bringing your stress levels down too.

Having the ability to transform a small part of your back garden into a glamping space means that you have somewhere else that you can work from. For example, you can convert a tent into a home office or invest in a vintage caravan, which means that you can still have the benefit of working from home without directly impacting your living space.

This is exactly what I had to do at the beginning of the 2020 pandemic. Running my business from a home with two home-schooling teenagers, a very noisy four-legged friend and a husband with a booming telephone voice who was also running his business from home, led me to move out... literally.

A vintage trailer and a lotus bell tent now function as my peaceful workspace and the place where I speak to people around the world. With what I do it wasn't unusual for me to be speaking from the virtual stage in the USA, London and Europe and running multiple meetings with upwards of 30+ people all from my tranquil glamping space in my backyard. 

It's the perfect space I need where I can really apply myself creatively to running my business and I couldn't be happier. In fact, it has worked so well, I can't see myself returning to the way it was as I am really enjoying being closer to nature while also at work. I've also received quite a few comments about the background bird song that often accompanies me wherever I might be virtually around the world.

A Multi-Functional Space Ideal For Social Distancing

The pandemic has meant we have all had to make adjustments to our lives and one of those is to find new ways to work and to socialise with those who mean the most to us. For those with vulnerable loved ones, this can mean needing to get together outside more often.

This isn't always ideal as the weather can be so changeable. However, having a backyard-glamping setup means you don't have to worry about the rain or cold. Instead, you can transform your garden into a cosy space or let your kids enjoy an outdoor sleepover with friends.

Whatever you want to do with it, you can build a multi-functional space that allows you to build a glamping business or get together with friends in comfort and style. So, why not invest in it for your home and your future and see where it takes you? 

If you want more information about this and the other benefits available by starting a glamping business you can contact Sarah here or dive into the Ultimate Glamping Business Guide here.

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