What Is A Glamping Business? Business Start-Up Advice...

What is a glamping business and how can you get the business start-up advice you need if you are thinking of exploring this sector of the tourism industry?

In 2019, the global tourism rate increased by 4%, which is around 1.5 billion. These reported figures are based on the number of foreign arrivals to several destinations around the world. 

Camping is gaining traction in Canada and North America. The North American Camping Report claims that the 77 million households have at least one person in each family that camps occasionally.

It’s the perfect time to create a business that caters to the camping and tourism markets.

Glamping Definition and Characteristics

Glamping is a significant emerging trend worldwide. The word glamping literally means glamorous camping, and it’s one of the many creative ways of transforming an old favourite into a new one for all ages, upgrading the nature-appreciative camping with modern comfort. 

Glamping areas usually need only small development investments, taking advantage of the land’s natural formations. Instead of tents, guests can relax in tipis, luxury canvasses, and yurts. It’s a delightful escape from the everyday grind and an Instagram-worthy attraction.

What is a Glamping Business

In a technical sense, a glamping business is a process of making a profit out of a glamping site. It’s a systematic approach to developing land for glamping and creating an attractive destination. If you’re looking for an eco-conscious way of making money, a glampsite will surely be a guilt-free investment for you!

The business side of things takes into consideration the various components that make a successful glamping site. 

Here are the steps: 

  • Logistics, human resources, and construction
  • Consider the competition and similar businesses around your locality
  • Think about how the glampsite will make money aside from bookings and sales
  • Find a way to inform other people about your business and gain customers or partners

Advantages To Having a Glamping Business

Here are some of the benefits of having a glamping site business:

  • Camping is a timeless activity. Because of this, glamping will never go out of style.
  • Appeals to a broad market. People from all walks of life can appreciate staying with nature and relaxing amongst the wilderness.
  • The industry was shown to be very robust in the previous 2009 recession when others were in decline.
  • Instagram-ready at every angle, which is important for millennials. Aside from being eco-friendly, glamping sites are popular because of social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.
  • Glamping sites have lower investment costs than most accommodation types.
  • Glamping uses natural trees, landscapes, and water formations. Unlike hotels, inns, and other tourist spots, you don’t have to invest in costly construction materials. But you will need to make sure the structures are sturdy and durable enough to withstand all kinds of weather and climate in your area.

Blending Nature, Nurture And Business

A glamping business is an excellent way of promoting your love for the environment with the potential of earning. You can open a glamping site that is sustainable and eco-friendly if you want a business that you can take with you until the later years of life. The great thing about having a place of this kind is that its appeal will only grow with time.


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