Kudhva: The Off-The-Grid Glamping Experience With An Extra Edge

Set within an abandoned quarry, overlooking the Cornish sea and an ever-changing landscape, lies the sustainable, community orientated, nature experience, that is Kudhva. 

Kudhva is:

Accommodation: The dedicated, passionate team at Kudhva have curated a range of beautiful, innovative shelters for their guests to choose from. Designed to provide seclusion and escape, each dwelling takes its inhabitants back-to-basics and immerses them into the natural surroundings, using eco friendly solutions to keep environmental impact to a minimum.

Nature: Kudhva encourages its guests to take a step back from the man-made digital world, and embrace all that it’s rich natural environment has to offer. Breaking away from the status quo of everyday hustle and bustle, Kudhva intends to showcase the wonders of living a simple life, exploring the senses and opening minds to new, and endless, possibilities. 

Adventure: Encompassed in cliffs, sea, forest and grassland, the sense of adventure is ever present. A visit to Kudhva means exploration and discovery. Go surfing, rock climbing, swimming, foraging or take part in a yoga flow, all with the support and guide of the Kudhva team.

Community: As well as re-connecting with the natural world, Kudhva provides opportunities for connecting with others. The communal areas and events (such as regular Sunday services) enable people to meet, bond, and share these magical experiences with like-minded friends. 

Learning: Intent on educating and inspiring, Kudhva holds workshops, talks and courses teaching others about the importance of caring for the environment, sustainability and off-grid living.

The Story: Where did Kudhva come from? 

Kudhva, the Cornish word for Hideout, could not be more apt for describing this unique experience!

The history and heritage of the Kudhva site can be experienced by all who visit it. The Engine House still stands, in the spot it was erected in 1870, and the slate of the once working quarry still remains under your feet as you walk through the land. 

Throughout the years the campsite has been a hive of activity; workers, families, young people and couples, all found the haven they were searching for there. When Kudhva was started, the aim was to recreate the space, for this purpose once again.

Staying at Kudhva

On-site there is a range of accommodation types, catering to each guest as an individual, and whatever they may be seeking to gain from their stay. 

KUDHVA:  The four Kudhvas (named K1-K4) are located in different parts of the quarry site. These architecturally unique hideouts stand on three legs, raised above the ground within the treetops; offering new perspectives and outlooks from their open terraces and floor to ceiling windows. Built-in sofas and a mezzanine level allow relaxation and comfort, as you take in the views, and reflect.

TREE TENTS: There are five tree-rigged tents across the site, the locations of which can change. The tents provide a more adventurous stay, swinging between trees above the woodland floor you’ll feel you are sleeping out in the wild. Visitors can enjoy time around the outdoor firepit, with certain facilities and amenities provided. However, sleeping bags and essentials must be brought with each guest. 

THE CABIN: On the other side of the quarry, above the 40ft waterfall and nestled in the dense woodland is the Danish Cabin. The cabin’s walls open, extending the simple solar-powered living space onto the terrace and decking area; under which runs a trickling stream with tremendous trees growing around, almost encompassing the building. The cabin comes complete with beds to sleep six, large living spaces, a private fire pit and towels/bedding. 

SHANTI TIPIS: The tipis are a new addition to the Kudhva site, they are designed for two people and sit overlooking the historic engine house and vast seashore below. 

The Cabin Project:

The origin of the Danish Cabin is an interesting story to tell. Unique, individual and a bit edgy - the property is prime in the eyes of the consumer. 

In 2018, the Danish beer brand Carlsberg Export, teamed up with the architectural team behind Kudhva, to create a carbon-neutral establishment that reflected the “Danish Way” of life, celebrating the earth and its simplicities.

Carlsberg tasked a group of six complete strangers from across the UK, with the construction of the cabin project, complete with a functioning ‘draught master’, that delivered the perfect pint! Whilst embracing the local resources and suppliers, and using solar and hydro-electricity power, the team of six demonstrated relationships, bonding and character building during their time on site. They took on many different roles, from team leader to engineer, all playing their part in the momentous end result; ‘The First waterfall Powered Pub’. 

The design of the building was inspired by the iconic engine houses, such as the one situated on the Kudhva site. Differing from the original stone-walled building, the cabin is open, lightweight and pumps beer rather than water! How's that for original? 

Unprecedented design, extraordinary vision and unrivalled individuality make Kudhva one of the most unique and sought after vacation experiences within the UK. Stripped back bare to basic living, employing local natural resources, embracing sustainability and exploiting the natural beauty of this stunning Cornish region; we can't wait to visit again!

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