How To Find A Glamping Business For Sale

Glamping is enjoyable to young and old adventurers, and it will never go out of style or demand. It’s a tourist treat and an adventure experience in one but it's also a business opportunity! So how can you find a glamping business for sale if you fancy the idea of running a site yourself?

Glamping is glamour and camping in one remarkable venue. It’s the perfect escape from the technology-driven world, and it’s so chic that you would often forget you’re in the wilderness. 

If you’re interested in investing in eco-friendly businesses, you should definitely consider a glamping site. Having this kind of eco-conscious company will help your community and establish your rapport as an eco-aware business person. Even if you’re not looking for a full-on glamping business to buy, you can simply buy land and start to develop it into a sustainable site for camping.

Finding glamping businesses for sale:

Approaching Trusted Brokers Or Land Agents

People who are looking to have something sold often contact relevant brokers because they have access to buyers. To the same degree, if you’re looking to buy a glamping business, you should approach reputable brokers or land agent that you can trust.

Tenured brokers will know where there are glampsites and campsites for sale in the UK - Wales, Devon, Scotland, Ireland, Cornwall, and the South West - as well as the USA and other parts of the world. In fact, we invited one to attend our Start Up And Grow Club recently so members could learn how to do it for their country and the current issues that are making new agreements with landowners and farmers much more appealing at the moment.

Client Referrals

Entrepreneurs are often on the lookout for the next business opportunity, so you should try asking your clients for leads. They may know people who are selling their glamping business. Aside from that, they may refer you to other glampsite owners that potentially have a wider network reach, especially if you're looking at campsites for sale across Europe or Worldwide. 

Word Of Mouth

Your immediate circle of friends and families could have the information you need. Never underestimate the power of your network and connections, and word of mouth is often an extremely reliable source of information. If you’re looking at glampsites for sale in the USA for example, approach friends, relatives, and contacts there for leads.

Search Engines

Google is everyone's best friend when it comes to readily accessible information and that includes businesses for sale. Aside from search engines, social media platforms are also extremely valuable sources of information especially in particular industry niches, especially when using business pages and groups. In addition, the Facebook marketplace can also allow you to search for posts and items for sale in different hyper localities.


The methods mentioned above are organic ways of finding a glamping business for sale. If you can’t find any leads using your network, you can try posting adverts in relevant social media groups or pages and bring the buyers to you. Social platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook are suitable for crowdsourcing and generating business leads.

Final Thoughts

Opening a new glamping site is an exciting experience, but it's important to familiarise yourself with best practices. It’s always a better option to look for an established business for sale because you will be able to save money on land development and growing your client base from scratch. In your search, be sure to select land that isn't prone to unpredictable weather and forces of mother nature, so that your business will be sustainable well into the future!

Further Help

You can find out exactly what you need to know in order to start and run your own glamping business in our start-up guide here.

And if you want more face-to-face support you can join our accelerator program in the Start Up And Grow Club.

I have also covered more techniques for finding glamping businesses for sale in this podcast episode: Finding land and achieving permissions quickly for your glamping business

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