Hideout Bali: A Unique Bamboo Glamping Business

Secluded in the mountains of the Gunung Agung volcano, Bali, the breathtaking all-bamboo, eco-friendly Hideout is found. 

The Hideout family consists of six individual, architecturally wondrous houses, each remotely hidden in the jungle, surrounded by luscious rice fields, flowing rivers and tropical greenery. 


Where did Hideout come from? 

The first Hideout (Hideout Bali) was born in 2014 from the love two people had, not only for each other but for nature and it’s beauty. Their dream of creating an ecologically sound bamboo hideaway was made into a reality by teams of bamboo workers from local Balinese villages.

During its conception, the two lived on site for months, with no running water or electricity, just solely embracing the sense of adventure, authenticity and “off the grid” experiences that Hideout is all about.

In the following years, Hideout grew, with the addition of five new hideaways, each just as striking and oozing individuality and uniqueness as their predecessor/s.


Hideout Houses Individuality

The Hideout experience is like no other. The hardworking team behind the rustic homes have created six stunning eco-stays each with their own exclusive features, that set them apart from the others. 

Each hideaway has its own private garden space, with spectacular views from every angle and hidden spots for relaxation and reflection. The bathrooms are mostly split indoor and outdoor, allowing for showers underneath a canopy of palm trees and hot spring baths filled with flower petals. All of the homes are suitable for two people, with some having the facilities for families or groups to stay.

Hideout Bali is located on the river, where it’s iconic A-framed lattice of triangular windows beautifully stream in the morning light. Hammocks, outdoor seating and music equipment are all provided to create the right ambience for returning to your roots, and immersion in the simple pleasures that life has to offer.

Photo: @valentinoluis

Hideout “wild” Beehive is hexagonal in shape, from its yin-yang roof to its hexagon marked floor; creating new energy and a special vibe. The Beehive has its own private pool, which can be heated, sourcing water from the adjacent river. The river itself is accessible by some steps in the garden, where you will find the extra enclosed bedroom for additional guests.

 Photo: @maya_gypsy

Hideout “sunny” Lightroom is a smaller, ‘funky’ younger sibling to Hideout Bali, with 100% bamboo construction and furniture. The private outdoor space includes hammocks and a bonfire place to be enjoyed whilst listening to your favourite music on the in-house stereo system. 

 Photo: @reisjunk

Hideout “modern” Falcon is situated by a tranquil nature pond, home to frogs, fish, lizards and birds. Whilst the pond is not suitable for swimming in, the large stone bathtub is always filled and filtered as a standard pool would be; it can be heated and enjoyed in all weathers. Lounge chairs, basket swings and a large chilling net complete the extensive decking area, enclosed by a wall of palm trees and lights.

 Photo: @gustindra

Hideout “adventurous” Horizon encompasses just that, adventure! Completely open throughout, Horizon spans across multiple mezzanine levels all accessible via ramps and ladders. Protected by the overhanging grass roof, the plunge pool is a luxury that can be enjoyed at all times. Embracing the ‘playful’ nature of this hideaway, hanging above the pool there is a large chilling net, reachable from the master bed or by a climb up the bamboo shelves! At the top of the home, are an extra two beds, which can be used by additional guests at night or as ‘daybeds’ for two travellers. 

Photo: @TheWanderfulLyfe

Hay “jungle” House is the definition of a true glamping experience! Set alone, with only rice fields surrounding, Hay House provides a smaller, more basic and intimate experience. The 360° transparent walls softened with drapes mean you are immersed in nature at all times. It is encouraged that the lights are dimmed in the evening, so travellers experience the immense sky of fireflies.                                                             

Photo: @maya_gypsy

‘Eco-Stay’ USP

Having labels such as ‘eco-stay’ in your marketing approach could act as a guest magnet and add to your USP for guest attraction, seeking out environment-loving eco-enthusiasts. In the ever-changing world, following the trends in guests behaviours and lifestyles is key, and catering to this, as Hideout has done, is vital.

How is Hideout a unique ‘Eco-Stay’?

Being at one with nature and all living things is part of the authenticity of each stay at Hideout. Travellers should expect to see wildlife such as bats, geckos, lizards, birds living with them in their hideaway, as they are not deterred but celebrated. 

Where feasible, the pool water is fed from the nearby river. Travellers are encouraged to experience the river itself as well, observing natural water flow and traditional Balinese lifestyle and culture, such as cleansing baths and ceremonies. 

Towels, soaps, shampoos and conditioners are provided, all sourced locally in Bali and are 100% eco-friendly. Hairdryers are not provided, as they do not comply with the ecological standards of Hideout and their aim to not use energy unnecessarily. The open-aired aspect of the homes provides natural ventilation and temperature regulating abilities, therefore less of a need for powered air conditioning units or fans. 

Across all of the six hideaways, only SUKU home bed linens are used. SUKU uses Bamboo Rayon in their manufacturing process, sourcing their fabrications through local Indonesian suppliers, and adding pattern and colour using plant-based dyes. 


Photos: @maya_gypsy, @maya_gypsy, @alettalablanche, @howfarfromhome


The Hideout experience appeals to the adventurous person, the long-time traveller, the backpacker and the lover of nature and animals. Spiritually-minded folk, artists, musicians and those looking to reconnect and reflect, will also find comfort and solace here. 

The unique structures and locations of the Hideout homes provide stunning backdrops and endless photo opportunities, which is inviting for those with followings on social media and other online platforms.

An influencer is someone who has ‘influence’ over a group of people’s buying or specific consumer decisions. Joint ventures with influencers can pose many benefits for a unique set up such as Hideout and can help develop new promotional material such as photos and videos, that can be repurposed by the business. As an example, all pictures used in this article were taken by guests, staying at one of the Hideout homes (owners are credited below). 

Utilising influencers that fit the customer profile you have created, will mean they share their experience with the like-minded people that follow them, thus generating more awareness and demand. 

If you are interested in learning how to work with influencers to promote your own unique holiday rental, download the Influencer Checklist here.

The Hideout Network

The Hideout Network has been built to bring together like-minded hospitality businesses and owners, who share the same passion and desire to create magical eco-considerate stays across the world. 

If your extraordinary space becomes a part of the network, you as a business owner will benefit from the increased exposure and publicity on all social channels, targeted to your customer profile, with support creatively and logistically from the Hideout team. 

As well as gathering a community of unique spaces and experiences, the Hideout Network serves as a form of engagement with social media influencers and brand owners, who are looking to collaborate on new projects. Their large outreach on platforms, such as Instagram, generates endless opportunities for your space to be seen by new guests. 

Across the island of Bali there are a number of equally stunning stays, yet nothing that quite rivals the individuality of the Hideout houses. Could that be because not one of their hideaways is the same? Or maybe because each one has their own attributes that appeal to a different type of traveller? Or perhaps an accumulation of everything, making Hideout No4 on Airbnb's most-wished-for holiday location in the world!

Feature image: @breslavtsev

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