Glamping Start-Up in Ukraine: Turning Dreams into Reality Amidst Adversity

Are you ready to be inspired? In a world grappling with challenges, one family in Ukraine defied all the odds to launch their glamping business. Ulana and her husband, Andrii, embarked on this venture during a time of war and a global pandemic. With five young children to care for, they saw an opportunity to not only build a successful business but also to showcase Ukraine as a remarkable destination for camping and outdoor experiences.

Ulana's deep-rooted love for nature and outdoor activities fueled her desire to create a family-friendly glamping site. Together with Andrii, they envisioned a place where people could escape the chaos of everyday life and immerse themselves in the beauty of their surroundings.

However, Ukraine's glamping market was still in its infancy, with only a handful of established sites. Undeterred by this, Ulana and Andrii took the plunge and launched their site, Mala Richka. Their belief in the potential of Ukraine as a glamping destination shone through as they curated an experience that harmoniously blended luxury and nature.

The response was overwhelming. Despite the challenges and uncertainties in the world, Mala Richka experienced high demand, with the site fully booked during its inaugural season. Guests and visitors were captivated by the tranquility and unique cultural experiences the destination offered.



Ulana passionately believes there is no perfect time to start chasing your dreams. Even in the darkest of times, good things can happen. By sharing her story, she seeks to inspire individuals to embrace their dreams and look beyond the negative narratives surrounding their circumstances.

Beyond their own success, Ulana and Andrii aspire to promote Ukraine as a vibrant and attractive market for camping and glamping adventures. The country is blessed with breathtaking landscapes, welcoming people, and a rich cultural heritage. While many associate Ukraine with its ongoing war, the couple desires to shift the focus to the country's potential and the opportunities it holds.

As they continue to develop Mala Richka, Ulana and Andrii aim to enhance the glamping experience by incorporating activities that foster a deep connection with nature and Ukrainian traditions. Their desire is to create more than just a business; they aim to cultivate a dream that resonates with people seeking solace and adventure in the great outdoors.

Ulana remarks, "There's no perfect time to start your dream, right? So good things can happen, even if it's the worst day of your life." Through their story, they challenge us to embrace the unknown, persevere in the face of adversity, and take the leap of faith towards turning our dreams into reality.

Interested in hearing more about Ulana and Andrii's inspiring journey? 

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Podcast: The Business Of Glamping And Unique Holiday Rentals


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Ukraine Glamping Business Start Up with Sarah Riley and Mala Richka

Let their story ignite a spark within you, encouraging you to explore the world of glamping and unique holiday rentals. Discover the beauty of Ukraine and its untapped potential as a camping destination. Join the movement and create unforgettable experiences that merge luxury, nature, and the spirit of adventure.

Remember, the pursuit of dreams can light up even the darkest of times. Take a step forward, and let the journey unfold.


In this episode, we talked about:

  • How the glamping and unique holiday rental industry is growing in popularity.
  • Ulana and her husband launched their glamping business in Ukraine during a time of war.
  • They wanted to promote Ukraine as a location for camping and outdoor experiences.
  • Ulana's love for nature and outdoor activities inspired her to create a family-friendly glamping site.
  • The glamping market in Ukraine is still emerging, with only a few established sites.
  • The demand for glamping experiences is high, and the site was fully booked during its first season.
  • Ulana plans to continue improving the site and offering activities that promote a connection with nature and Ukrainian traditions.
  • "There's no perfect time to start your dream! Good things can happen, even if it's the worst day of your life."


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