Derry Green's Secret Garden Glamping Path to Dragon's Den Success

Pitching to any investor is difficult but imagine being surrounded by TV cameras, studio lights and four dragon investors. That's another level! This is exactly what Derry Green of Secret Garden Glamping did when he pitched his idea on the Dragons Den (also known in the USA as Shark Tank).

On The Business of Glamping podcast, Derry shared his journey of building his business from the ground up to the point where he now has a two-year waiting list for bookings. This success did not come easy, and Derry's story is a testament to the power of perseverance in the face of challenges.

The Secret Gardens Glamping Episode 66

One of the most notable moments in Derry's journey was his decision to pitch his business on Dragon's Den, the UK equivalent of Shark Tank. Despite already having a thriving business with a long waiting list, Derry saw the opportunity to take his business to the next level by seeking investment from the Dragons. This decision was not made lightly, as the pressure of facing the Dragons and potentially being rejected could have been daunting. However, Derry's determination and belief in his business drove him to take the risk and put himself out there.

Investors are not solely interested in a business's past successes but are more focused on its clear vision and plan for the future. Derry Green, the owner of Secret Garden Glamping, emphasized the importance of presenting a forward-thinking strategy to potential investors. Drawing from his experience on Dragon's Den, Derry highlighted that investors are seeking a roadmap for how the business will evolve and grow in the long term. He mentioned that investors want to see how the business will scale and become a larger brand, potentially reaching millions or even billions in revenue.

The Secret Gardens Glamping Dragon Dens Advice

Derry's advice to entrepreneurs seeking investment is to shift the focus from individual successes to articulating a vision for the future. He stressed the significance of demonstrating how the business will expand, innovate, and capture new markets. By outlining a comprehensive plan for growth and development, entrepreneurs can attract investors who are looking to be part of a dynamic and evolving business landscape.

Derry Green emphasizes the importance of selling yourself when seeking investment. He mentions that investors are not just looking for pounds and pence but are interested in your ambition, passion, and drive for the business. Derry highlights that investors want to see a clear path forward from what they have already achieved to where they envision the business going in the future. By showcasing your vision and demonstrating how you plan to scale the business, investors are more likely to see the potential for growth and success.

Seeking Investment For A Glamping Business

The Secret Gardens Glamping and Derry's approach to seeking investment involves focusing on the bigger picture and articulating how the business can expand and evolve. He mentions that investors are interested in the potential for growth and the ability of the entrepreneur to drive the business forward. By demonstrating your drive for the business and your willingness to take on new challenges and opportunities, you can attract investors who see the potential for long-term success and profitability.

Expanding and diversifying offerings can be a strategic move to stay ahead of the competition and cater to changing customer preferences. Derry Green from Secret Gardens Glamping shared his experience of continuously expanding his glamping business to meet the growing demand and evolving customer needs.

The Secret Gardens Glamping Story

Derry started his glamping business with a single unit in his garden, which quickly gained popularity and led to the development of 12 different units over the years. By constantly innovating and introducing new and unique accommodations, Derry was able to keep his business fresh and appealing to a wide audience. This approach not only helped him stay ahead of the competition but also attracted a large following on social media and generated significant interest from customers.

Moreover, Derry's decision to invest in a stately home property for future expansion demonstrates his commitment to diversifying his offerings. By acquiring a property with a stately home, Derry aims to create a backdrop for various events, weddings, retreats, and other activities, expanding beyond traditional glamping experiences. This move allows him to tap into new markets, offer different types of accommodations, and provide a range of experiences to cater to diverse customer preferences.

Through his journey on Dragon's Den and securing investment from Deborah Meadham, Derry emphasized the importance of having a clear vision for the business's future growth. Investors are not just looking at the current success of the business but also at its potential for expansion and scalability. By focusing on the long-term vision and demonstrating a willingness to adapt and innovate, businesses can position themselves as industry leaders and effectively cater to changing customer preferences.

In conclusion, Derry's experience highlights the significance of expanding and diversifying offerings to stay competitive and meet the evolving needs of customers. By continuously innovating, investing in new ventures, and staying true to the brand's ethos, businesses can not only attract a wider audience but also create a sustainable and successful business model in the ever-changing market landscape.

The Business of Glamping and Unique Holiday Rentals Episode 66:

In this episode, we talked about:

[00:05:39] Building strong audience relationships.

[00:10:02] Challenges of expanding business.

[00:11:46] Group travel benefits during COVID.

[00:18:34] Overcoming brain functions under pressure.

[00:21:56] Seeking investment for growth.

[00:27:34] Pricing strategies in holiday business.

[00:29:34] Investing in new site expansion.

[00:34:35] Dealing with copycats in business.

[00:36:25] Changing mindset towards scarcity.

[00:39:48] Sharing expenses for group travel.

[00:45:14] Honing your pitch for investors.

[00:51:33] Passion for work.

[00:52:35] Passion for work and sleep.

[00:55:38] Finding inspiration from competitors.


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Derry's story is a reminder that success in business does not come overnight but through hard work, determination, and a willingness to take risks. By continuously pushing himself and his business to new heights, Derry has been able to achieve remarkable success and build a strong brand in the glamping industry. His story serves as inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs who may be facing challenges and setbacks in their journey.

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