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Led by Sarah Riley, we are a small team that has been supporting retreat leaders and glamping business owners around the world since 2010.

When you need to make progress quickly, Sarah can help

Since 2010 I have been helping retreat leaders and unique holiday accommodation hosts launch their businesses and increase their customers and guest bookings.

Now I'm internationally recognised as one of the leading independent experts in this niche industry.

I've not only been teaching it but I've been doing it too, by jointly managing a 5-star boutique hospitality and retreats business, and sharing best practices and inspirations on my iTunes and Spotify podcasts.

I have been immersed in hospitality services, glamping, retreats, marketing and coaching for over 20 years, which is why I'm now asked to speak around the world on topics related to this exciting industry. Read the reviews here.


My mission is to help retreat leaders and glamping hosts create the freedom and income they want so they can support their families, their communities and the earth.


Clients Include

Since 2020, hospitality and retreats have started to change.

That was the year that shook things up.

Now, guests are looking for different types of experiences.

They also want to spend more time outside so they can reconnect with nature, which is great for body and mind.

As a host, you want something asset-light so you can ride the wave of any future unpredictability.

That's why glamping, eco-accommodation and retreats work for everyone.

I have been supporting new owners in the industry for so long that I have had the pleasure of watching them go from over-worked desk job holders to inspired eco-accommodation and retreat centre owners.

As one client recently commented:

"I came off the call and was proper buzzing about the ideas that we talked about and the help and guidance you gave me. That's a real gift to coach people through their thought process and to encourage them like you do." Martina, Explore54

So if you are curious about this industry and what it takes to set up a unique accommodation or glamping business, then I'd love you to join me.

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