The Little Black Book to 100 Potential Retreat Attendees

Many leaders build their retreats without having potential attendees lined up and that's just backwards!

In this step-by-step training, Sarah Riley will show you what to do instead. 

So many retreat leaders organise their events without testing their ideas first to see if their potential customers actually want them.

They spend days creating the content, organising activities, booking facilities and arranging everything only to end up cancelling at the last minute when they fail to fill their events.

In this training, Sarah Riley walks you through the steps to attracting your first potential attendees who are eager to buy from you before you start creating anything. 

The sessions cover:

  • The exact elements you need in place to attract your first potential 100 attendees
  • What compels individuals to enrol in retreats, and how you can leverage buying behaviours in your promotions to attract a greater turnout for all your events
  • How to test your ideas so you don't waste time on retreat ideas no one wants to book
  • The exact steps on how you can increase traffic and bookings through your retreat events website
  • Plus a bonus session sharing the retreat leader's success path - a summary of the steps and pillars leading to a profitable retreat business.

Sarah Riley helps retreat leaders achieve sold-out experience events and build businesses doing something they love, to create a ripple of transformations, from event leaders to attendees, so they can all impact the world in a positive way

This training has been valued above £500 and if implemented as described, will bring significant benefits to retreat leaders wanting to sell out their events. It will also help you answer these questions:

  1. Is a retreat business right for me?
  2. What topics should I focus on?
  3. How can I price my retreats?
  4. What are the exact steps to building a profitable retreat business?
  5. What are the common mistakes and how can I avoid them?

It also shows you how you can scale your retreats into a profitable business you can be proud of.

By signing up you understand the program does not guarantee results - your commitment does. You will only get the results you want if you apply the techniques shared and do the work necessary. Please refer to the disclaimer at the bottom of this page.  


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