Start Up And Grow Your Glamping Business Or Eco-Retreat

Discover the secrets to successfully launching a glamping business or unique holiday rental in 2021. With Sarah Riley, host of The Glamping Business Podcast, and guest expert, Kerry Roy.

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What Does It Take To Build And Scale A Glamping Business Or Unique Eco-Retreat in 2021?

If you are only just beginning to think about this type of lifestyle business it can be difficult to know where to start.

This inspirational session has been designed to help you confirm your next steps, no matter where in the world you are planning to launch your glamping business. It includes unique insights from experts who have successfully started sites around the world.

We Will Cover

During the live session, that will take place on the Zoom platform, we will share inner circle secrets and expert advice about:

  1. The glamping business *Success Path*, which will give you a visual overview of the exact steps you need to take to launch your business
  2. The *five myths* currently circulating about what's involved (and what's not)
  3. And an opportunity to *ask your specific questions* to help you visualise your own path to success.

A Rare Opportunity

This opportunity is rarely available so make sure you reserve your seat as there are a limited number up for grabs.

A recording may be available after the event, but this is dependent upon a number of variable factors so it is advisable to attend in person.

This Live Session Is For You If...

You have been watching what's been happening in the eco-accommodation and glamping industry and are interested in finding out more.

It is particularly suited to those who are just beginning to explore the world of extraordinary outdoor accommodation and the lifestyle change it can offer.

Hi, I'm Sarah Riley

Since 2010 I have been working with unique holiday accommodation hosts to help them start-up and increase their guest bookings. Now I'm internationally recognised as one of the leading independent experts in the niche serviced eco-accommodation industry.

I've not only been teaching it, I've been doing it too, by jointly managing a 5-star boutique hospitality business, running Inspired Camping and sharing best practice and interviews with experts on my iTunes and Spotify podcast.

This is an exciting time and I want to help you grow in confidence and get ready to launch your new glamping business as soon as you are ready... and help you have fun doing it too.


Kerry Roy

Kerry is the visionary behind Camp Katur in Yorkshire and Cerchio Del Desiderio in Italy. 

Kerry’s award winning site at The Camphill Estate offer weddings, wellness, corporate and team building events. She was also the first to introduce Geodome Glamping into Italy as a solo female entrepreneur with zero language skills!

Now with several TV appearances under her belt and as an influential speaker Kerry enjoys promoting and supporting the glamping industry whenever she can.