£197.00 GBP

Perfectly Planned and Profitable Retreats®

Fill your events and grow your business, even without a large email list or social media following

This masterclass with Sarah Riley and guest experts will give you everything you need to confidently set up and publicise successful retreats and help you generate loyal fans, launch a new business, jump ahead of the competition and grow.

You will gain access to the Perfectly Planned And Profitable Retreats System® by Sarah Riley

  • STEP 1 - Power Positioning: Get this element right to make sure its unforgettable, acts like a magnet and sells itself time and time again to repeat customers who want to keep coming back for more of your retreat events
  • STEP 2 - Power Planning: Get the business model right and the tools you need to make sure you get paid what you deserve and your retreat makes a profit every time
  • STEP 3 - Inner Circle Secrets: The 3 techniques that will give you the power to sell out your retreats time and time again, even if you haven't run one before
  • BONUSES: Retreat cashflow spreadsheet example, additional training on how to protect yourself legally from unexpected retreat mishaps AND an ebook on ways to promote your event on a budget
  • THE RETREAT LAUNCH COUNTDOWN CALENDAR with a fool-proof system to easily set out your organisational and promotional tasks and social media schedules with copy and paste scripts to help you sell out your events with ease. 

"So many good points, advice and trade secrets, which are, for us, the most useful and hard to come by. Not many are willing to share, so thank you so much. I could listen to your wealth of knowledge for another few hours..." Danny S.

"So inspiring - many lightbulb moments but fantastic resources to make them actionable!" Becca

"The Retreats masterclass has got me thinking about possibilities for future retreats and how to make the most of my location." Jane

 "Lots to take in! I loved your advice... about narrowing down your options..." Candidah

"Thank you, everyone, I've found it very interesting, lots to think about and I can't wait to start. Sarah, it's been very helpful as ever and I will join the next course." Lottie

"Thank you so much. Eye-opening and inspiring. So many options." Danny

"Given me a great structure for marketing and reaching my audience." Rosanna

"Thank You Sarah, Kerry and Tanya - you're all So inspirational.  My lightbulb nugget was to contact (Masterclass recommendation) to promote my retreat.  I'll be back for more learning!" Kathryn