£495.00 GBP

Option 1 - Build Your Retreat Business With Sarah - Intensive VIP Coaching

Can you imagine having a retreat business of your own, instantly? Work one-to-one with Sarah Riley and that's what you'll get.

Most struggle to design the kind of retreats business model that generates the income they want so Sarah created a system to build something that sells out and generates the kind of feedback that keeps customers coming back for more.

This system will allow you to grow, and develop a new purpose, inner strength and confidence to finally get what you want out of your business, giving you the income and lifestyle you want while running retreats.

In this intensive retreat business building VIP package, we map out all the elements so you understand exactly what you need to have in place to build your profitable business and then we work on your own personalised launch plan.

By the end, you will have a lifestyle business by your design, will know what that looks like for you and how it can replace your existing salary, will have the exact steps to launching, will understand how you can sell out each time and will have the secret to increasing your retreat revenue doing something you are passionate about.

As an added bonus you will be able to share your first retreat date on Sarah's social media channels allowing you to hit the ground running with your new business idea.

This is an exciting and inspirational one-to-one with Sarah that will get your retreat business firing on all cylinders.

Depending on where you are in the world, this can be split over 2 days or worked through quickly through a full day, with email support for a month afterwards.
We map out all the elements of your retreat business so you have everything in place, helping you make your first event happen quickly and with the maximum revenue achieved.
This level of insider knowledge is priceless


"So many good points, advice and trade secrets, which are, for us, the most useful and hard to come by. Not many are willing to share, so thank you so much. I could listen to your wealth of knowledge for another few hours..." Danny S.

"So inspiring - many lightbulb moments but fantastic resources to make them actionable!" Becca

"The Retreats masterclass has got me thinking about possibilities for future retreats and how to make the most of my location." Jane

 "Lots to take in! I loved your advice... about narrowing down your options..." Candidah

"Thank you, everyone, I've found it very interesting, lots to think about and I can't wait to start. Sarah, it's been very helpful as ever and I will join the next course." Lottie

"Thank you so much. Eye-opening and inspiring. So many options." Danny

"Given me a great structure for marketing and reaching my audience." Rosanna

"Thank You - you're all So inspirational.  My lightbulb nugget was to contact (Masterclass recommendation) to promote my retreat.  I'll be back for more learning!" Kathryn