Glamping Business Consult

Get 5 hours of business consultancy and mentoring to help you work through the Ultimate Glamping Business Guide and identify the best tactics to launch your business idea.

The session will be held virtually on a date to be agreed by those taking part, and will be split into 2 hour, 1.5 hour and 1.5 hour sessions.

This package includes access to the Ultimate Glamping Business Guide and a written summary of all recommendations made.

Discussions could include, and are not limited to:

  • Your business branding and unique selling position
  • The concept pros and cons
  • Levels of investment needed
  • Full business planning considerations
  • Costs and income potential
  • Marketing and publicity plans
  • Booking systems
  • Staffing considerations
  • Future training needs
  • Future service diversification potential
  • Review of any existing plans or operational businesses, etc.

Please note: This consultation must be redeemed by the purchaser within 6 months of the purchase date or the agreement will be cancelled without a refund.


2 hour: Exploring your business idea to better understand your aims, objectives and goals, and to start establishing your business strategy and approach. This will also focus on specific issues you need further help with.

1.5 hour: Bringing into focus the elements of your business strategy to better understand the essentials of your action plan and how you can have most impact in key areas of development. This will also drill down into specific issues you need further help with.

1.5 hour: Becoming inspired about your fundamental business idea and establishing a thorough understanding of what you need to do next to face your competitors, understand your customers, be sure of your market strategy and leave you feeling ready to develop your action plan and launch strategy.

Please note that a site visit can be arranged if necessary at an additional fee to cover time, travel and per diem expenses. If you are interested in this option please get in touch.


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